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This page/namespace is for tracking ideas, structure, and planning around a single Fedora Handbook that is comprised of multiple, modular documents drawn from the Wiki.


  • Our plan should be able to handle content addressed at all levels, but this "Experienced computer user who knows what they want to do but who is knew to Fedora" is a good place to start. (KarstenWade)
  • Be able to build it as PDF to be printable. A good candidate for the FreeMedia program.
  • Easy, chapter-modular maintenance.
  • Screenshots (avoid need to update them with each release)


  • Introduction
  • The Fedora Project -- History, Getting help, Communicating, Participating
  • Free and Open Source Software
  • This release: Fedora Core 7
  • Overview
  • Tour
  • Release notes
  • Package list with descriptions
  • Installation
  • Installation guide to hard disk
  • First-boot
  • The Fedora desktop
  • Overview
  • Configuration -- Preferences, tuning, customization.
  • Alternate desktops: KDE and XFCE
  • Tips and tricks -- eg. Intro to the command line
  • System administration
  • Packages and yum
  • FAQ
  • Future Directions -- What is planned for the next release of Fedora
  • Glossary (jargon-buster)
  • Bibliography


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Implementation ideas

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