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This is a proposal from Linux Pro Magazine to create a print Fedora magazine issue for F12. For more details, see Fedora print magazine.

This is a draft. This is not a contract, this is a proposal for one! It can be modified, rejected, improved - we're hoping for "modified so that it is improved." Please help!


If you have a specific improvement in mind, please edit the proposal text directly on this page, and leave an edit comment why you made the changes that you made. If you want to see the original version of the proposal, look at the first revision of this wikipage.


  • PROPOSAL DRAFT: September 2, 2009
  • Subject: Linux Pro Magazine Special Edition: Fedora 12
  • Note: This is draft 2 of Fedora Special proposal , with financial details removed.


This is not a final contract. This is a draft proposal and should be read as such.


Linux Pro Magazine will produce a Special Edition dedicated to Fedora 12, meeting the following specifications:

  • 100 pages, 4-color, perfect bound
  • includes Fedora 12 DVD


The Special Edition will serve a target group ranging from users converting from Windows to Linux power users.

Editorial coverage will include:

  • A detailed introduction to Fedora 12 installation and configuration. Most magazines with DVD cover mounts offer approximately 1-2 pages of information on how to install and configure the supplied distro. The Special Edition will provide approximately 30 pages of installation, configuration, and orientation information.
  • A thorough, hands-on look at management tools and subsystems of the Fedora environment.

Approximately 30 pages.

  • A collection of articles highlighting some of the most popular applications of the Fedora environment. Each article will be localized for Fedora 12, with Fedora 12 procedures and screenshots. Approximately 30 pages.


The Special Edition will be distributed worldwide on the newsstand. Roughly half of the distribution and sales will be in North America.

Cover price is XXXX. (Note: we can't share financial details out of respect to LPM, but the cost is reasonable and on par with the cover price of similar publications.)

The Special Edition will be on sale for approximately three months.

Outside North America, the magazine will be marketed under the name Linux Magazine Special Edition.

Important Dates

  • Editorial deadline: 14 days after final Fedora 12 release date
  • DVD image deadline: 5 days after final Fedora 12 release date
  • Ad materials deadline: 5 days after final Fedora 12 release date
  • Magazines available for shipping: ~3 weeks after sent to printer
  • On sale date Europe: ~3 weeks after sent to printer
  • On sale date North America: ~5 weeks after sent to printer

Fedora to provide

  • DVD image of Fedora 12 - a special F12 Live spin with the SRPMs needs to be made to be compliant with GPL provisions.
  • Fedora will provide 6-8 technical articles on important Fedora 12 updates, tools, and components. Details to be determined with the Linux Pro editorial team.

Also see the things Fedora community members have offered to do at Fedora print magazine#Volunteer.

Fedora to receive

  • 100 copies of the Special Edition. These copies will be shipped together in one shipment,

directly from the printer to one Fedora-specified destination.

  • Up to 10 full-page, 4-color ads in the Special Edition for Fedora or Red Hat products or

services. All ads will be placed in prominent positions (covers or early right hand pages), including the outside back cover.

Additional Agreements

  • Linux Pro Magazine will not sell additional advertising in the Special Edition. There will be no more than 5 pages of Linux Pro Magazine or Linux New Media house ads in total, plus up to 10 pages of Fedora/Red Hat ads.
  • Fedora will not financially support any competing products from other publishers featuring Fedora 12 in North America, Europe, or Australia.
  • Linux Pro Magazine retains full editorial control of the content.


Note: we can't share financial details out of respect to LPM. Red Hat would pay all of these costs if this project is approved.

XXXXX for up to 10 pages of exclusive advertising

Total: XXXX

Due on: XXXX