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Dates: 2014-08-06 - 2014-08-09 (Wednesday - Saturday)
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Main Website:
Schedule Site: [1]
Codename: Flock 2: Electric Boogaloo

Conference planning in progress
Flock 2014 is in "alpha" state. The only things locked in at the moment are the city, the venue, and the dates.




Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Information Technology - Thákurova 9, Praha

Reserved rooms:

  • 1 lecture room for 300
  • 1 lecture room for 80
  • 4 classrooms for 24 (no computers)
  • 4 classrooms for 24 (with computers)
  • 1 classroom for 24 where we can possibly install Fedora on computers
  • 1 classroom for 48 (with computers)
  • 3D printing lab with several RepRap printers available for workshops and/or hacking (This is in a separate, but connected building. We may run a special workshop for this if there is interest.)
  • Student lounge with couches

All rooms are in one building (T9 - as in Thákurova 9), on the 3rd floor (workshops) and 1st (ground) floor (lectures). We will not have access to any other floors. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

The University is 10 minutes away on public transport to the Prague city center.


Map of Prague


Václav Havel Airport (PRG) serves the city.


We've been advised that during the peak tourist seasons (in the summer), driving in Prague center becomes a nightmare of clogged city streets (with cars and pedestrians). We advise that you try to avoid driving to the center unless really necessary. However driving to the venue should be just fine. Renting a car on the airport is very unnecessary (see Public Transport section). If you need it for serious reasons, we can give you a lift from the airport.

Public Transit

Prague public transit well covers the city and surrounding areas. There are three metro (subway) lines (A, B, C), and 21 daytime tram routes (9 at night). There are also a large number of bus routes covering the area.

The transit system works on an open ticket system. You need to have a valid ticket before you enter the metro platform. The tickets are valid for the metro, trams, buses, funicular and ferryboats. Short-term tourist passes are available for periods of 24 hours (110 CZK, 5.4 USD, 4 EUR), 3 days (310 CZK, 15.2 USD, 11.3 EUR) and 5 days (500 CZK, 24.6 USD, 18.2 EUR). For Flock, we strongly advise you to purchase a 3 or 5 day pass, depending on the length of your stay. If you only need to use the public transport for one ride, you can buy tickets for 30 minutes (24 CZK) or 90 minutes (32 CZK). Full info about prices.

Before using your pass for the first time, you need to validate it. On the metro, this is done at machines before you enter the platform area. On trams and buses, this is done inside the vehicle. Insert your paper ticket (as shown on the validator box) until you hear it stamp your ticket. You will only need to do this once per ticket (not once per ride). Be sure you keep your ticket handy, as there are both plain-clothes and uniformed inspectors who may ask you to show your valid ticket.

Coming from the airport

The most direct way to get to the Flock hotel from the PRG airport is via bus. The 119 bus has regular routes from the airport to the hotel between 4:15 AM and 12:15 AM, approximately every 7-20 minutes depending on time of the day. Once you have purchased a ticket from the Public Transportation manned ticket booth in the arrivals area (past customs) in both Terminals of the Prague airport. In Terminal 2, it is at the far left side of the arrivals area.


Exit the terminal and follow the signs to the bus depot. You will know you are in the right place when you see an electronic overhead sign which lists the incoming buses and their estimated arrival times. Board the 119 bus, and take it to the Dejvická stop. Total ride time should be about 21-25 minutes. When you get off the bus at Dejvická, just turn around and look behind you on the left side of the road and you will see the Hotel Diplomat.

There have been many instances of pickpockets operating on the 119 bus. Keep your wits about you and your eyes on your luggage at all times, especially if the vehicle is crowded. This is good advice whenever on public transport in Prague.

You can also take the "Airport Express" (AE) bus from the airport to the Dejvická stop. This is not a regular public bus, so you will need to purchase a special ticket directly from the driver (with cash). Between the airport and the Dejvicka stop, an adult ticket is 40 CZK (2 USD, 1.45 EUR). The time of the ride is however same as with bus 119.

Bus+tram from airport at night

If you are coming in night (approximately between 12:15 AM and 4:15 AM), follow the exact same instructions as above, only get the night bus number 510 (if bus 119 is no longer or not yet operating). Leave at Divoká Šárka station - be careful, if you miss that stop, you are screwed. Go to the other side of the main road (you can see McDonald's on the side you want to get. Walk a few meters right (the main road will be on your right side) until you reach the tram stop. You got about 8 minutes to make the walk (you don't have to run, but don't stop), or you'll miss the tram and will have to wait more 30 minutes for next one. Take tram 51 (the only tram that operates there at night) to Dejvická stop. Follow the instructions above, about how to locate the hotel.

Chances are, if you got the last 510 bus, that day trams are already operating. In that case, you can take any tram that is there (20 or 26) to get to Dejvická as well.


If you choose to take a taxi from the Prague airport, it may be faster, but it will be more expensive. There are two types of legal taxis here:

  • FIX taxis - You tell them where you want to go, they quote you a price before you go anywhere. Not metered. Expensive (for Prague).
  • AAA taxis (usually yellow) - These are metered taxis, make sure they run the meter! Usually about 500 CZK (24.6 USD, 18.2 EUR) per trip (maybe a bit less to Hotel Diplomat).

If the price is much higher than specified here, feel free to call the cops (number 112), taxi drivers in Prague are trying to rip off foreign customers a lot.


August is one of the warmer months of the year in Prague, reaching average highs of 22°C (71.6°F), with average lows of 12°C (53.6°F). It also tends to be one of the wetter months, so a light jacket and umbrella are recommended to keep handy.