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This is a proposal for Flock 2016 to be held in Krakow, Poland

Tuesday 2 August - Friday 5 August (Weekend dates are under discussion as well)

The city

The city of Krakow (Polish: Kraków) is the second largest city of Poland and is the country's former capital. It is sometimes spelled as Cracow in English although its correct English name is Krakow nowadays. Krakow is the top tourist destination in Poland. The city basks in the glory of its long history and it greatly treasures its reputation as the culture capital of Poland.

Krakow's seven universities plus almost twenty other institutions of higher education make it the country’s leading center of science and education. The city's expanding service sector is the lifeblood of local economy but varied industry and production still provide substantial proportions of jobs and wealth. Krakow is the metropolis of southern Poland and the capital city of the Małopolska Province. The city has about 755,000 permanent residents and the Krakow conurbation totals some 1.5 million people. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city center may be somewhat misleading. Despite recent growth in the number of immigrants and expatriates, inhabitants of Krakow remain ethnically almost homogeneous and they proudly declare their Polish nationality.

Geographic coordinates of downtown Krakow are 50°04'N 19°56'E. The city lies in southern Poland on the banks of Wisła (Vistula) river.


Poland uses the Polish zloty (PLN or zł; Polish: złoty, pronounce: [ˈzwɔtɨ]; plural: złote [ˈzwɔtɛ]; genitive plural: złotych [ˈzwɔtɨx] - see more here).

Currency Value as of 17 December 2015 (

1 PLN = 0.25 USD
1 USD = 3.92 PLN

1 PLN = 0.23 EUR
1 EUR = 4.29 PLN

Note: Beginning 16 January the Polish zloty experienced a decline in value. It remains to be seen if this is a short-term blip or something that will last longer

Currency Value as of 17 January 2016 (

1 PLN = 0.24 USD
1 USD = 4.12 PLN

1 PLN = 0.22 EUR
1 EUR = 4.49 PLN

See the official specimens of Polish zloty banknotes and coins currently in use. Note that they have been slightly changed in 2014 and both versions are in use.

Foreign currencies are generally not accepted. You can exchange money in many exchange offices (Polish: kantor wymiany walut or simply kantor, often also labeled in English for the foreign clients convenience). Payment cards are accepted by most shops and other businesses and ATMs.


The Krakow Airport - IATA code KRK, ICAO code EPKK - is situated conveniently on the Balice outskirts of the city, just 15 km (about ten miles) west of the city center. It is on the A4 expressway to Silesia province and Germany. Krakow's Balice international airport is Poland’s second busiest after Warsaw, Poland's capital city. The airport is easily accessible by direct train from the city center at a cost of 8 PLN and takes 17 minutes and includes wifi and power onboard. Municipal bus travel costs 4-5 PLN and takes 30-60 minutes depending on your detailed location within the city.

There is some information on the airport website about access.

Alternative Airports

Although Krakow Airport is the best way to arrive you may consider choosing other airports:

  • Katowice Airport (IATA: KTW, ICAO: EPKT) - 100 km (65 miles) from Krakow. Bus transit to Krakow is provided by some airlines as well as independent small companies.
  • Warsaw Chopin Airport (IATA: WAW, ICAO: EPWA) - 300 km (190 miles) from Krakow. You can continue your travel by plane (below 1 hour), train (2.5-4 hours) or an intercity bus (5 hours but probably the cheapest option).
  • Gdańsk, Rzeszów, Ostrava, Košice… anything you find reasonable.

Intercity Trains and Buses

Trains and Buses arrive at a pair of terminals located near the city center. The stations are located side by side and are next to Galeria Krakowska, a world class shopping mall that includes restaurants, coffee houses, cafes and a Carrefour Express grocery store.

The Bus Station is named Małopolski Dworzec Autobusowy (MDA). If you are taking the Leo Express Bus from Bohumín, Czech Republic it is the stop in Krakow called "Kraków, Bosacka (PKS)."

The Train Station is named Kraków Główny (web page).

The local transportation hub is situated under train station and outside of the Galeria Krakowska.

Estimated costs from …

Local Transportation

Krakow’s municipal transport company (Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne), known in the city under its acronym MPK, together with its competitor Mobilis maintain 142 day bus lines totaling about 2170 kilometers & 24 day tram lines totaling about 347 kilometers and running on the track that consist of some 90 kilometers of double tramways. 15 night bus lines and 3 tram lines constitute Krakow’s night public transport.

See also: ticket prices.

Local Train Station

A local train station Kraków Łobzów (pronounce: [ˈwɔbzuf]) is located not far from the hotel, between the streets Wrocławska and Wybickiego. It provides direct connections to/from the Kraków Airport, Kraków Główny and Wieliczka and back every 30 minutes. Other direct destinations are: Katowice, Oświęcim, and Częstochowa. See the full timetable of the local trains and more information.

The distance between the hotel and this train station is 1.2 km (0.75 mi, 20 minutes) so it is probably reasonable to walk on feet. You can also take the city buses: 130 (3 stops, 6 minutes + 6 minutes walk) or 144 or 194 (2 stops, 3 minutes + 8 minutes walk). The night buses 904 and 604 (3 stops, 4 minutes + 5 minutes walk) also stop there.

Event Location

Several properties were considered, however only one property could provide both meetings rooms and sleeping rooms for the conference.

ul. Opolska 14a
31-323 Kraków, Poland
tel. +48 12 376 37 00
tel. +48 801 08 02 60
fax +48 12 376 37 01

GPS: 50.090900, 19.914500
N 50°05'27.2" E 19°54'52.2"

The hotel is located outside of the city center in a quiet location. The hotel is off of a main highway and has good bus connections and plenty of parking. Being out of the city does not create a problem and in fact is a plus if you will be doing any sight seeing in the area. There is regular, cheap and reliable bus service only a 10 minute walk away and the hotel staff will point you in the right direction. See Getting There below for more information.

The hotel staff is very helpful and speak English, and often several other languages.


Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms: (Rental fee includes: flipchart + markers, projector, screen)

Floor Plan:

Suggested Usage:

  • Keynote: Picasso: 200 Theater - 510 EUR/day (also includes sound system)
  • Breakout 1 Track: Monet: 81 Theater / 40 Classroom - 120 EUR/day
  • Breakout 2 Track: Rembrandt: 81 Theater / 40 Classroom - 120 EUR/day
  • Breakout 3: Matejko & Canaletto: 88 Theater / 40 Classroom - 240 EUR/day (2 rooms combined)
  • Breakout 4: Chełmoński & Malczewski: 88 Theater / 40 Classroom - 240 EUR/day (2 rooms combined)
  • Office: Van Gogh: 54 Theater / 21 Classroom - 120 EUR/day (one floor up)

Picasso, Monet, and Rembrandt have ceiling mounted projectors. All rooms have ceiling mounted screens, though a larger (provided) screen may be suggested for Picasso. Rooms have floor power boxes throughout and many have additional wall power outlets. Hotel may be able to provide power-bars.

Food and Beverage

Base pricing for Food and Beverage is as follows:

Coffee break (coffee, tea, snacks, water):

  • single: from 3,75€/pp
  • all day: from 6€/pp

Buffet lunches: from 15 €/pp


Double/Twin Room - 65 EUR per night including buffet breakfast and WiFi

The hotel also provides guests with access to a swimming pool and sauna. There is also a small workout room (gym) available in the partner hotel next door. The use of these facilities is included

Need a roommate? Check out the roommate matching page:

Flock Krakow Roommate Matching Page

Getting There

By Plane

Krakow Airport has direct flight connections with many European cities but almost none outside Europe. If there is no direct connection with your city or for the intercontinental connections you must use at least one stop in any major European or Polish airport: Warsaw, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, etc.

Estimated costs of flights from … (via on 17 December 2015)

  • BOS $900-1300 Swiss/Lufthansa (1 Stop/2 stops)
  • RDU $1400 (2 Stops: JFK, WAW; Lot Polish Airlines)
  • BOM $780-1400 (1-2 stops)
  • CDG $160-250 (direct Easy Jet)
  • PRG $200 (1 stop via Vienna) (Better to go by bus/train or car)
  • BRQ (Better to go by bus/train or car)
  • VIE $200 (direct)
  • WAW 205 PLN (≈$52) one way or 293 PLN (≈$75) two ways
  • GDN 97-149 PLN (≈$25-38) one way or 232-461 PLN (≈$59-117) two ways

See also all available connections to/from:

If you decide to choose Warsaw consider whether to continue your travel by plane or rather to switch to a train or an intercity bus.

By Train

Krakow has direct train connections with many Polish cities but only few international: Prague, Vienna, Budapest. However, changing trains is easy and convenient. This page will find a train connection probably from any European city to Krakow.

High quality trains are maintained under the brand InterCity. For the best prices tickets should be ordered online about 3 weeks before the travel.

Take a look at your national rail company or:

  • České Dráhy - Czech Trains
  • PKP - Polish Trains
  • LEO Express - Private Czech Train with a train+bus to Krakow
  • - a friendly (English button is at the bottom) journey detail aggregator

By Bus

Krakow has direct bus connections with many Polish and foreign cities. Buses are considered cheap and quite comfortable way of communication although slower than some recently introduced fast trains.

Bus tickets should be ordered online. Your ticket will be emailed, you can print it but it's also quite common to present your ticket to the bus staff as a file in your tablet, smartphone, or a similar portable device. Make sure that your device is charged and the ticket is available offline or that you have a working Internet connection.

  • Student Agency - Czech Buses - free coffee - free wifi in Czech Republic
  • Polski Bus - Polish Buses - double decker fun - usually has free wifi and some snacks
  • - More bus magic
  • LEO Express - Czech Train & Bus Company - maintains a bus connection from Czech Republic to Krakow
  • - focuses on the airport transfers, maintains bus connections from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • and many more.

See this video if you want to familiarize yourself with the bus route from Warsaw to Krakow. Video link courtesy of backpacktrot; the author wishes you all a wonderful time in Krakow!

By Car

Krakow is conveniently connected with West (Germany, Czech Republic) and East (Ukraine) thanks to the A4 highway. It is mostly toll (for all vehicles) at its western part, toll-free at the eastern part. Its toll-free alternative is the national road 94. When arriving from the Czech Republic the most convenient way is to travel via A1 highway (toll-free at that part) or any other road, then reach A4 and arrive to Krakow from West. When arriving from North the most convenient is to choose a system of roads A1/S1/1 (partially toll, partially incomplete which means that you will experience a wide range of road quality: from highways to the regular national roads) and again reach A4 near Katowice and arrive to Krakow from West, or you can take S7/7 system which is toll-free and partially very convenient but also partially under heavy construction works. The national road 7 reaches Krakow directly from the North. The same road provides an access to Krakow from South if not riding via A4 (Slovakia).

Toll roads
The terms toll and toll-free here apply to the passenger vehicles. For large vehicles (trucks, buses) the rules are different and most roads are toll.

When arriving from South or East it is usually convenient to use the ring road (A4) to avoid the traffic jams in the city and enter the town from the West. Your direction signs should be Kraków Północ (Krakow North, shortcuts: Kraków Płn. or Kraków Pn.) You should exit from the A4 highway in Balice (near the airport) into the S7 speedway, then in Modlniczka exit into the road 7. The Flock venue is near there. Unfortunately, the ring road is not complete and using it when arriving from North is impossible.

If you are warned about a large traffic jam at A4 highway when arriving from the West (from Katowice) you can exit at Rudno (direction: Krzeszowice), then reach Krzeszowice, enter the national road 79 and direct to Krakow, or you can exit onto the road 79 near Chrzanów (direction: Trzebinia) and continue directly to Krakow. If you are warned about a traffic jam even before entering the toll part of A4 (near Katowice) then you can consider exiting onto the S1 road (direction: Warszawa, Łódź) and then exit onto the road 94 in Dąbrowa Górnicza (direction: Kraków). Avoid the roads 774 and 780 (South of A4) because they will be temporarily closed between 27 and 31 July.

Important last minute info
There are road closures at the Eastern end of Krakow: S7 (eastern section of the road ring), road 94 (Krakow-Wieliczka) as well as all exits from A4 into these roads are closed from 29 July 20:00 (8 pm) until 31 July 23:59 (11:59pm). The A4 highway itself is not closed. There are also expected some temporary difficulties at the southern section of the road ring. All these will not affect those arriving from the West (Germany, Czech Republic). More info here (Polish only).
Traffic rules
Turning from the Opolska street to the hotel is not easy. Read the rules below carefully.

Most car travelers will arrive from the West. When riding Opolska street the hotel is located at the left side. However, Opolska street is a dual carriageway and there is no turn left near the hotel. Reaching the hotel is not easy because the Polish traffic code says that U-turns are not allowed at all crossroads at Opolska street. The legal ways to reach the hotel are:

  • ↑ Pass near the hotel ↰ Władysława Łokietka ↱ Henryka Pachońskiego ↱ Kazimierza Wyki ↱ Opolska ↱ Hotel
  • (this route is closed 26-31 July) before the hotel, after passing a pair of Shell gas stations, at the bridge: ↗ towards Chełmońskiego ↑ Różyckiego ↑ Makowskiego ↰ Władysława Łokietka ↰ Opolska ↱ Hotel
  • do not leave the highway ring road (S7) in Modlniczka, instead ↑ road 94 (direction: Bytom), then ↗ direction: Kraków ↑ enter Kraków, Jasnogórska street ↰ Gaik (heavy trucks not allowed here) (be careful: this intersection is insecure and known for road incidents) ↱ Władysława Łokietka ↱ Opolska ↱ Hotel
  • (very long but safest) do not leave the highway ring road (S7) in Modlniczka, instead ↑ road 94 (direction: Bytom), then again do not exit to Krakow, instead ↑ and then ↗ road 94 (direction: Bytom) ↑ enter Modlnica, Częstochowska street ↱ Ojcowska (direction: Giebułtów) ↱ Graniczna (direction: Kraków) (vehicles above 16000 kg not allowed here) ↑ enter Kraków, Władysława Łokietka street ↱ Opolska ↱ Hotel

Local Train

You can arrive from the airport to Krakow by train. You can choose to go to Kraków Główny (Krakow Main Station) if the city center is your destination or you just prefer it for any reason or Kraków Łobzów if you want a closer route via a small local train station or even you consider walking the last part of your journey on feet.

In order to reach from the airport terminal to the train station you should go to its +1 level and then follow the signs via a skyway over the roads into the hotel/car parking/train station building. The train station is located at the back of the building. It's small, you can't be lost.

You should buy a ticket in a ticket machine at the platform but you can also buy in a ticket machine on the train (if present) or from the train staff. The ticket machines are localized into English, German and Polish. The tickets are valid for 3 hours, you should select the beginning of the validity period or accept a default "from now". You should also select your start and destination station. Tickets in trains are always inspected, if you enter the train without a ticket ask the staff to sell you the ticket as soon as possible. They speak English and will sell a ticket without any additional charge.

If you want to exit at the Kraków Łobzów station when arriving from the airport you should leave at the 4th stop. Travel time is 13 minutes. When arriving from the main station this is the first stop. Travel time is 4 minutes. There are more trains available to/from the main station than to/from the airport because all trains go to the main station but some of them do not go to the airport.

See the full timetable of the local trains.

There is only one exit from the station. If you want to walk you should turn right and walk along Piotra Stachiewicza street until its end, then turn left into Tadeusza Makowskiego street, then turn right into Józefa Mehoffera street. Cross Opolska street and you are at the hotel. If you prefer a city bus then after leaving the train station you should turn left and you are at your bus stop. However, in order to buy the ticket you must cross Wrocławska street and buy it in a ticket machine. Then you have to come back to the correct bus stop. The bus 130 is more convenient. If you choose it exit at Różyckiego bus stop (3rd stop, 6 min). If you choose 144 or 194 exit at Makowskiego bus stop (2nd stop, 3 min), then you have take a little longer walk along the street directing to the West, turn right to Józefa Mehoffera street and you are at your hotel. The night bus line probably will not be useful because few trains run during the night hours but if needed you have to exit at the third stop, Różyckiego. Despite its name, it is located at Makowskiego street.

At night, take a bus 904 or 604 (3rd stop, 5 min).

Getting from the hotel to the train station Kraków Łobzów is the reverse of the above.

Train tickets can be bought in a ticket machine at Wrocławska street next to the exit from the train station as well as online. Ticket prices: to/from the airport: 8 PLN, to/from the Main Station and also Wieliczka: 3 PLN or a common ticket also valid in the city buses during 70 minutes: 5.40 PLN. Note that the common tickets which are valid both in a train to/from the airport and the city buses are not available.

See this video if you want to familiarize yourself with the train route from Krakow Main Station to Krakow Airport and back. Note that the train in this video first goes from the city center to the airport and only the second half (from 17:15) presents the reverse route. Local train station Kraków Łobzów is near 4:10-5:20 and again near 28:55-30:05. Video link courtesy of chris73926.

Last minute info
From 27 July to 31 July the trains from the airport to Krakow city center (via Kraków Łobzów) will cruise every 15 minutes at day and every 60 minutes at night. Links: timetable 25-29 July, timetable 30-31 July

Local Bus

From the City Center

From Krakow City Center take bus 130 from the Galeria Krakowska/Train/Bus Station (Stop: Dworzec Główny Zachód) toward Azory. Your bus stop is located at Kurniki street near the middle exit from Galeria Krakowska, next to a newly built large white building with a rounded corner. If you are at the intercity bus station then you must first go to the train station. If you are at the train station go to Galeria Krakowska and find the middle exit into Pawia street. See also: an official map of the area.

Important last minute info
It's been announced recently that some pedestrian routes in the Main Station will be closed from 31 July 6:00 (6 am) to 1 August 18:00 (6 pm). It's not yet clear if a pedestrian route from the bus station through the railway station and Galeria Krakowska to the bus stop will be open. It's possible that pedestrians will be directed the same route as at night. Also you can take any bus going from Dworzec Główny Wschód to Politechnika (one bus stop) and then move to the bus 130. You will need a 40 min ticket.

Exit from 130 at Różyckiego stop. A 20 min ticket should suffice. From the stop walk in the opposite direction to the bus route, turn left into Mehoffera street and cross a road.

The bus runs every 12 min from 07:00 - 20:00 (7am - 8pm). From 04:00 - 07:00 (4am - 7am) and 20:00 - 24:00 (8pm - Midnight) the bus runs every 15-30 min.

From 00:00 - 04:00 (Midnight - 4am) take the night bus, 904, toward Prądnik Biały, which runs every hour. Please be aware that Galeria Krakowska (the shopping mall) is closed at night and from the train station you will be directed to Plac Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego. You will be half way between two stops of the night bus. You can walk around Galeria Krakowska and find the bus stop near its middle exit at Pawia street (bus stop: Dworzec Główny Zachód) or you can reach the Dworzec Główny stop. The 904 stop is located at Westerplatte street: you have to go into the subway underpass for pedestrians and choose the exit labeled Lubicz / Westerplatte, or you can take the footbridge over Lubicz street near the old railway station building and then turn right to go to Westerplatte street.

Exit the night bus at Różyckiego stop. From the stop walk in the opposite direction to the bus route, turn right into Mehoffera street and cross a road. Note that the routes of the buses 130 and 904 are opposite to each other near the hotel.

Getting to the City center is the reverse of the above. Bus 130 toward Dworzec Główny Zachód. Bus 904 toward Wieliczka Kampus.

The 904 bus also passes through the Kazimierz (Jewish District) where a lot of bars, restaurants and cultural attractions can be found. This makes it easy to return to the hotel from this district late at night. Use stop Plac Wolnica (Krakowska street) or Stradom (Dietla street).

Additionally, only from the night 23/24 July until 31 July/1 August a special bus 604 will be cruising at the same route as 904 except not leaving Krakow (will not reach Wieliczka, its other end will be Nowy Bieżanów).

Important last minute info
Please be aware that the public transport system in Krakow will be highly rearranged from 23 to 31 July. Read the online resources and announces at bus stops, buses and trams for the most up to date information.

From the Airport

Trains depart every 30 minutes toward the City Center. Tickets cost 8 PLN and should be purchased before boarding. The train is faster and considered more convenient than the bus. See more info about the local train.

In order to reach the bus stop you should go to the ground level of the airport terminal and leave out to the street, then turn right and go until the end of the building.

Bus 208 departs every 60 minutes toward the City Center. You should exit at Bronowice Małe stop (near the tram balloon loop, about 20 minutes) and move to the bus 172 or 572. See an official map of the area where you should change the bus. Exit at Opolska bus stop (about 8 minutes). These two buses will take you directly to the hotel. Choose this route if you can't or don't want to walk much and you can wait for the bus.

Bus 292 departs every 20 minutes toward the City Center. Then you should (choose one):

  • Exit at Cracovia bus stop (about 25 minutes) and take the bus 173 towards Azory. Exit at the last stop (about 25 minutes). You will have to walk about 10 minutes to the hotel.
  • Exit at Nowy Kleparz stop (about 30 minutes). Cross the street and find the 130 bus stop. It is located at a small parking, not at the bus terminal. Remember to cross streets only at legal pedestrian crossings. You will have to walk about 200 m.
  • Exit at Politechnika stop (about 33 minutes). Cross the street via a pedestrian underpass and find the 130 bus stop.

Bus 292 and Bus 130 intersect at the same stops. However, note that you should take the bus 130 which goes in the opposite direction than 292. Bus 130 will take you to the hotel in about 20 minutes. See above for more information.

Important last minute info
31 July from 14:00 (2 pm) to 19:00 (7 pm) the bus 292 will not go to the airport, use a train or 208 instead. The night bus 902 will cruise every 20 minutes until 1 August. The location of the bus stop near the airport has been changed, see its current photo. It will remain there until 3 August.

One ride tickets cost 4 PLN if you want to arrive to the City Center but they do not allow to change the bus. If you want to arrive to the hotel then you need 60 min ticket which costs 5 PLN or 90 min ticket which costs 6 PLN. Check the timetable to make sure that 60 min is enough for you. A ticket should be purchased before boarding.

After midnight, take night bus 902. Exit at Dworzec Główny Zachód bus stop (about 30 minutes) and take the night bus 904 or 604. Exit at Różyckiego bus stop (about 15 minutes). You will have to walk to the hotel about 5 minutes.

Both the Train and the Bus deposit passengers in the same area in the City Center. Getting to the hotel is easy, just follow the directions above.


An important notice about the bus ticket prices: remember that the airport is outside the Krakow area and you should use a Zone I+II (suburban) ticket which is more expensive. The same ticket also applies for those who want to travel to Wieliczka, for example to see the Salt Mine. Otherwise you will probably not leave the Krakow area and use the Zone I (urban) ticket.

Tickets Prices
Ticket Zone I (city area) Zone I+II (both outside and the city area)
20 min 2.80 PLN n/a
40 min 3.80 PLN n/a
1 way (unlimited) without changing the vehicle 4.00 PLN
2 way (without changing the vehicle) 7.20 PLN 7.60 PLN
60 min 5.00 PLN
90 min 6.00 PLN
24h 15 PLN 20 PLN
48h 24 PLN n/a
72h 36 PLN n/a
7 days 48 PLN 62 PLN
Group (up to 20 people), one way 36 PLN 46 PLN

See also: the full price list and the specimen of the tickets. Note: the tickets printed in the ticket machines look different.

Tickets (bilet in Polish, plural: bilety) can be purchased on the bus from a ticket machine (if the door is labeled Automat biletowy), at some bus stops at ticket machines, and at some (but not all) Tabaks. Make sure you have change when using a ticket machine!

Do not forget to validate your ticket once you are on-board by sticking it into the yellow validation boxes located throughout the vehicle. This also applies to the tickets printed in the ticket machine. Current timestamp will be printed on the ticket and its validity period will be counted from that moment unless you have a 40 minutes ticket which will not expire after 40 minutes if you are still in the same bus. Hint: if you enter into the bus at the first stop and it is not yet departing then do not validate your ticket immediately. Wait until the bus engine starts and the doors are closing, you will save few minutes and make sure your ticket does not expire before you arrive.

Tram tickets are the same as bus tickets.

Traveling with incorrect ticket, not validated or expired ticket is the same as traveling without a ticket. Tickets are not always inspected, however you are subject to random inspection. You must present a valid and validated ticket to a ticket inspector upon request. Ticket inspectors have badges or other identification and speak English.

You can also use one of the online/mobile payment providers: moBiLET, mPay, Skycash.

Taxi and Uber

Krakow is served by both a taxi service and uber. A taxi from the City Center to the hotel is about 20 PLN.

A taxi from the Airport to the Hotel is about 75 PLN.

Do you want to share a ride? Check out the rideshare page:

Airport to Flock Krakow Rideshare Page

Additional Lodging and Meeting Space

Hotel Efekt is a co-owned sister property of the Best Western located next door. Additional sleeping and meeting rooms may be available there at similar rates.

Evening Event Ideas

Browar Lubicz

A one of a kind place for beer lovers in Krakow

Founded in 1840, and reopened in 2015 after 14 years of silence, this historic brewery has reinvented itself as an upscale brew-pub (coinciding with the completion of the exclusive residences that surround it), replete with a snazzy logo, stylish post-industrial design, door greeters, a full card of local fare, and signature ales brewed on-site.

A tasting of 3 draught beers (lager, dark and wheat beer) is on offer. Their own honey-roasted wheat malt comes as a beer snack and the menu offers beer-infused interpretations of local standards like 'maczanka' and 'golanka' and a beer soup.

Guided tours: Main Square or Kazimierz (Jewish District)

All attendees will be split in 5 groups among licensed Krakow guides for an inspiring exploration of the city that ends with a shot in Alchemia. The person representing Krakow guided tours has asked us to let them know ASAP as the beginning of August should be very busy.

Nightlife in Kazimierz (Jewish District)

If you want to get a real taste of the proper nightlife in Krakow just head to the fabulous district Kazimierz and the great area Plac Nowy. Plac Nowy is teeming with superb, eclectic pubs, bars and restaurants.

Krakow underground

Possible in 7 groups. Entrance is staggered every half hour. This should be strongly considered as it is a very cool place

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine

The Salt Mine is located 10 km from the centre of Krakow. It is located in the vicinity of the E40 route and may be accessed in a few convenient ways. by  train from the Main Railway Station in Krakow (Dworzec Główny) to the Wieliczka Rynek Kopalnia train station. The trains run at set hours every 30 minutes and the journey lasts 22 minutes and costs around 3 PLN one-way. The site features health resorts, restaurants and serves as a jumping off point for trips. Admission to the mine is about 84 PLN for non-Polish language tours. Hours are from 0800 - 1700, check them before you go.

Dress appropriately as the mine is cold even in the Summer. Average temperature underground is 15 degrees (59 degrees F).

Other Touring Ideas

Considering staying in the area longer? You may want to add these on to your visit.


Zakopane is Poland's premier mountain resort, is one of the country's most popular holiday destinations, both in the winter for skiing and in the summer for hiking and camping.  Bus is by far your best bet for getting up to Zakopane. Two private lines and one PKS all leave from the main bus station (Małopolski Dworzec Autobusowy) at regular intervals. If you're going at any civilised time of the day you will probably have to wait no longer than an hour for your next carriage. What's more they are dirt cheap - it will only cost you around 15 zloty for the two-hour trip from Cracow. If you're in a hurry you can even buy your ticket from the driver. That said advance tickets are advised in season, and there may be the odd jam on the roads.


Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of German Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps built and operated by the Third Reich in Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany. The camp is now a museum and is easily accessible by bus from the main station. The ride is about 1h40min and costs about 12 PLN.

Communism Tour

Private companies offer tours (~140 PLN per person) to Nowa Huta to show what life was like under Communism. Many are done in historic cars (Trabant 601) and include guides. You can also visit the Nowa Huta neighborhood by public transportation easily from the main station on Tram 4. The PRL Museum in the Nowa Huta neighborhood is highly recommended.


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