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This page is about a revamp of software to use for Flock 2016 and beyond.


Here are our preliminary notes on problem statements, and proposed fixes for our issues with Flock software.

Here are our comparisons of existing tools.


The core team of folks looking at software for Flock include the following:

  • Paul Frields
  • Máirín Duffy
  • Patrick Uiterwijk
  • Josh Boyer

With substantial assistance from:

  • Ruth Suehle
  • Luke Macken

The main issues we identified in summary were:

  • Inability to manage content easily
  • Registration process required frequent manual hacking
  • Multiple single points of failure for maintenance
  • Inability to relate funding decisions to content decisions

Given the comparison matrix, availability of useful software upstream, and the rate at which problems are addressed upstream, we agreed to propose this solution to the Flock staff.


! Use System
General content for users to read (pre-conference) fedora-web module
Registration, CfP, voting on papers regcfp
Content for event (at conference)


Content consists of information and messaging for the general public. This is how we advertise dates, venue, transportation information, travel tips, and calls to action.

Static site
Use a static site, managed with the fedora-web git repo similar to all other main Fedora websites, to post general information for the public about Flock. It will still reside at
Request help from Design team (Ryan Lerch), hopefully building on a well known theme or model to bring into line with Fedora branding
Here is the git repo and a direct link to the folder in the tree.
Use for schedule arrangement, publishing, web + mobile access for attendees
(unchanged from Flock 2015)

User activities

User activities are the actions we ask for users to take ahead of the conference to provide data for the organizers.

Use regcfp application for registration, desk, call for papers activity, and paper voting/acceptance. TODO: File RfR ticket with fedora-infrastructure, likely for Patrick to handle. DONE - to be available at
Visual elements will reflect Fedora branding.
The software team will create an administration and maintenance document on wiki for Flock planners using the system.
TBD: Generalize an ansible playbook so this app can be used for other Fedora events if desired. - IN PROGRESS - Patrick handling
Users will visit via URL.
The software team will monitor incoming issues and prioritize based on the Flock planning team's needs.