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  • Nick Bebout (FAS: nb)
    • Network Technician at USI
  • Lee Keitel (FAS: keitellf)
    • Network Technician at USI
  • Dr. Mohammed Khayum
    • Dean of the Romain College of Business (RCOB) at USI
  • Richard Toeniskoetter
    • Chief Information Officer at USI



Cost of venue

  • $0 (Space will be sponsored by USI's Romain College of Business and USI's Information Technology Department, thanks to Dr. Khayum and Mr. Toeniskoetter.

Room availability for keynotes and capacity

Room availability for sessions

  • We will be using classrooms/labs in the Business and Engineering Center (BEC), there are plenty of rooms available. BEC Floor Plan
  • We have reserved the following: BE 0003, 0005, 0030, 0035, 1004, 1005, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1035
  • We have these reservations for July 27-31
  • I plan to use BE1032 for the Flock office, and have requested it for July 25-31, in case we would like to store items in that room ahead of time
  • Since these room are all considered academic space, if a summer class ends up rescheduled to be in one of these rooms, we may have to choose a different room, but we have plenty of other rooms that we could use, should that become necessary. Currently there are no academic classes scheduled in any of these rooms during the proposed time of Flock.


  • July 27-30, 2017

Brief description of the city

  • Evansville is Indiana's third-largest city. It is a friendly place in Southwest Indiana, along the Ohio River. Evansville is the metropolitan hub where southwest Indiana meets southeast Illinois and northwest Kentucky.
  • More information here


  • Dr. Khayum, Dean of the Romain College of Business at USI, has offered his assistance in recruiting sponsors for Flock 2017 in Evansville


Major local airport(s)

  • Evansville Regional Airport (EVV) - 25 minutes away
  • Louisville Regional Airport (SDF) - 2 hours 11 minutes away
  • Nashville International Airport (BNA) - 2 hours 36 minutes away
  • Lambert–St. Louis International Airport (STL) - 2 hours 43 minutes away

Transportation options and costs for getting attendees from the airport to the the lodging (e.g., shuttle, public transportation, taxi)

  • The University's Information Technology department will rent a van or two and have some of our staff or student workers make trips to/from the airport, as needed

Estimated costs of flights from BOS, RDU, BOM, CDG, VIE, LIM, and PRG

BOS $448 $365 $250 $400
RDU $443 $406 $320 $380
BOM $1083 $1163 $1200 $1300
CDG $1333 $1204 $1400 $1600
VIE $1370 $1366 $1250 $1200
LIM $1711 $1200 $1500 $1700
PRG $1130 $1300 $1300 $1300
Prices are approximate and subject to change based on when the flight is booked and other external circumstances.

Notes about local transportation, including mass transit and taxi availability

  • Evansville does have Uber, and has several taxi services.

Internet availability

  • Wifi is provided throughout campus and housing. We will provide an ethernet port and cable in each of the rooms for the speaker to use if needed.


  • Sodexo can provide buffet-style meals in our dining room, The Loft. Rates Sample Menu
  • If we have meals in BEC, we can also use outside catering, if we have meals in the University Center (UC), we have to use Sodexo. Policy
  • Other Catering Options

Proposed lodging

Room availability and cost

  • Rates More info
  • Approximately 164 beds will be available in Newman Hall, located on campus. This is 2 beds per bedroom, 2 bedrooms per suite. Each bedroom has it's own bathroom. This is $25.00 per person. A small number of single bedrooms are available, at $37.00 per person. This does not include linens. Rental of a linen package is $6.00 per person, which includes two twin flat sheets, a pillow case (no pillow), a blanket, a washcloth, and two large bath towels. Flock will probably want to order some pillows and have them shipped directly to the University to have given out at registration.
  • Red Hat will have to collect the money from people for their rooms and pay USI for all of them together, USI will not collect payment from individual attendees.
  • No alcohol is allowed on campus, including housing, the only exceptions would be if we have a bar ran by Sodexo, as we are suggesting as part of a possible evening event.
  • There are two hotels located approximately 3 miles from USI's campus, should people not want to stay in the on-campus housing

Distance from venue and transportation required between them

  • We will be housing people in Newman Hall, which is located on campus, no transportation is needed.

Proposed evening event locations (at least 2, preferably 3)

  • USI Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center (RFWC)
    • Climbing Wall
    • Game Room
    • No cost for facility rental, but will cost $8.00 per hour, per worker to operate the facility during our rental
      • Two workers are required for us to use the game room
      • At least two more are required for us to use the climbing center, possibly more depending on the amount of people interested in using it.
      • No alcohol allowed in this building, but we could have a meal and a bar across the road in University Center East (UC-East)
        • Having a catered event with alcohol at the University requires us to pay for security. Sheriff deputies are $25 per hour per deputy, with a 4 hour minimum. Depending on the size of our group, more than one deputy may be required.
      • Although, I believe we can have food in RFWC, just not alcohol, should we desire
  • Evansville Otters game (Minor League baseball team)
  • USS LST Ship Memorial
  • Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden Info here
  • Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science Pricing Available Spaces

Pros and cons of proposed location


  • Venue will be provided at no cost
  • Potential evening event on campus at very low cost
  • Many other potential evening event opportunities in this area
  • Many bars located a few miles away from the USI campus
  • Free transportation from airport to campus
  • Housing located on campus
  • Very inexpensive housing
  • Dr. Khayum, Dean of the Romain College of Business at USI has offered to assist in finding companies to sponsor Flock


  • No alcohol allowed on campus or in housing, unless we have Sodexo cater an event on campus, then they can provide alcohol for that event
  • EVV airport only has a limited number of flights per day, although the number of flights have increased from what it used to be. We now have direct flights from ATL, DTW, CLT, DFW, ORD, SFB.

Other Important Information

  • There is a 7% state sales tax on everything, and a extra 1% food/beverage tax.
  • There is a 10% conference services charge. This is 10% of all money paid to the University and Sodexo (so this would include housing and Sodexo catering charges)