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Collected here are the resources from various sessions at Flock. All of the columns are sortable by clicking on the column header.

Session Name Presenter Slides/Resources Recording
Fedora State of the Union Miller, Matthew
Fedora on Window Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Jennings, Seth
Alternative Arches debugging and fixing workshop Horák, Jan
Fedora G11N - What's going on? Holcroft, Jean-Baptiste
Get Together with Local Fedorans: A UX Design Case Hillman, Suzanne
Continuous packaging: how to bridge communities Lepied, Frederic
System Containers: Concept, Creation and Usage Brooks, Jason
Kube + Origin Deployment Options Brooks, Jason
Marketing - tasks and visions Trombini, Gabriele
Let's create a module Tomecek, Tomas
Designing Fedora Badges Leonova, Maria
Fedora G11N - What's going on? Satpute, Pravin
Let’s create tests for modules/containers Hracek, Petr
Fedora G11N - What's going on? Eng, Alex
Introduction to Transtats Anand, Sundeep
Modularity - the future, building, and packaging Bean, Ralph
The Future of fedmsg? Cline, Jeremy
Packaging Modularity Samalik, Adam
Alternative Arches debugging and fixing workshop Kumari, Sinny
Freshmaker Kaluža, Jan
The Upstream Pivot: Arbitrary Branching Prahl, Matthew
EPEL State of the Union Smoogen, Stephen
EPEL For the Future Smoogen, Stephen
Automate Building Custom Atomic Host with Ansible Guha, Trishna
How to make your application into a Flatpak Taylor, Owen
Create, build and develop our Fedora Websites Masala, Andrea
Mayr, Robert
Continuous Integration and Delivery of our Operating System Walter, Stef
Fedora Hubs Demo + Roadmap Bompard, Aurelien
Duffy, Máirín
Multi-Arch Container Layered Image Build System Miller, Adam
State of the Fedora Server Gallagher, Stephen
Fedora i18n Petersen, Jens
Nemade, Parag
Satpute, Pravin
Gating on automated tests - Greenwave Jia, Matt
Flink, Tim