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Frank Earl


My name is Frank, 23, living in Arizona. I enjoy playing soccer and pool, and go out to clubs whenever I have the chance. I'm pretty much obsessed with Chelsea of the English Premier League, and have been since 1994.

Linux background

I began using Linux in 2001 I believe, first with Red Hat 7.3. I didn't really enjoy the default Gnome desktop, so went to KDE. I tried a few times to install Debian Potato in vain, but finally succeeded with Woody and proceeded promptly to Sid. I stuck with Debian until 2003. I then began distro hopping due to listening to instructors at college, mainly between RH8, SuSE and back to Debian (dabbling with Xandros a little along the way). That continued onto Ubuntu, while still distro hopping - now also to Fedora.

I always enjoyed Debian though because it allowed me easiest access to server software that I could experiment with. You name it, I've at least tried to configure it! I've become disenchanted with Debian though, they aren't evolving much, there is constant bickering. The final straw was a website set up to hold back the Etch release. I wanted cutting edge, and I wanted new things to learn.

Ubuntu brought me back to Gnome after 5-6 years, but also made me focus less on server software. I stopped caring how things worked, and it stopped being fun to me. OpenSUSE package management is awful, and I do not like where it seems to be headed, while Fedora seems to be the best of all worlds. New technology implemented, new toys to play with, unique, but still stable and secure by default.

It's not perfect, but I like the blend of learning and ease. There are things I miss from Debian, but so far, overall, I'm enjoying things again.


Due to life circumstances, I'm currently awaiting my AAS - Network Technology. I attended Collins College here in Arizona, and really have found the associates degree very easy. My goals are to complete my bachelors and eventually get my Masters in Network Security - something Fedora excels at.

Contact information

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E-Mail: [[MailTo(lunitik AT gmail DOT com)]