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This is the main page for Fedora 26 Localization virtual Fedora Activity Days (vFAD). The activities are same as that of Localization Sprints.


Translating Fedora 26 User Interface and Docs to your native language, so that Fedora 26 is available in many regional language and thus reach out to many people.

Task list:


  • Get your language 100% supported in Fedora 26

When & Where

Localization virtual translation sprint is happening between Software string freeze and Localization Test Day from --rd Sept to --th Sept. This is the exact period in Fedora 26 development cycle and 100% chance to get your contributions in Releases/25/Schedule. A detailed list with scheduled translation tasks can be found here.

  • 2017-03-07 Software String Freeze
  • 2017-05-02 Software Translation Deadline
  • Dates for Translation sprint: Apr 11 to Apr 17


Please add your names below under each task where you can help to get the task done.

  • DONE Outreach
    • Article in CommBlog. - Draft ready, review pending.
    • All respective Trans mailing list must get notified. Trans, i18n, Ambassadors, Announce and g11n.
    • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter.
    • Google+ Fedora groups and Twitter: On first day
    • Contributors Pravin Satpute, Jona Azizaj, [Your Name]
  • DONE Operations
    • Helping hands during the actual vFAD days
    • Contributors Parag Nemade, [Your Name]
  • TODO Effective closing
    • Badges has been awarded. link
    • Final reports, percentage of translations.
      • Zanata stats per contributor modification :
      • Zanata stats per package :
    • Please add your name here Pravin Satpute, Jean-Baptiste, Alex Eng, [Your Name]