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Contact Information

Questions to answer

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

Fedora 21 was my entry point to the world of Fedora. The fast paced growth and the Free Culture motivates me.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora Project or another open-source project as a contributor?

I don't have any past involvement with the Fedora Project. I am a Mozilla contributor, though.

Have you participated in GSoC in the past? If so, what year(s) and which organization(s)?

No. The year of 2016 will be my first year of GSoC participation.

Do you plan to continue contributing to the Fedora Project after GSoC? If yes, what sub-project(s) are you interested with?

Yes,I would like to continue contributing to Fedora Project after GSoC. I will soon begin with RPM packaging and work my way up from there.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

Being a team player and an avid learner, the traits required for a FOSS developer, I would blend in quickly.

Have you contributed to any other open source organizations or projects? If so, do you have artifacts you can show so we can see your skill set(s)?

No, I haven't contributed to any open source project. Although, you may have a look at :

Do you have any other open source experience (even if not coding-related)?

Yes, I'm a Mozilla contributor. Contribution areas are:

  • SUMO (Community Support)
    • Army of Awesome (Support over Twitter)
  • Firefox Student Ambassador
  • One and Done (Mozilla Q&A)

Find my story here:

Proposal Description

Overview and The Need

The intention behind the Fedora Atomic - Support for end-of-life notification is to make the user aware about end of support for a particular branch. This way, downgrading to a previous release will be a calculated risk for the user.

Any relevant experience you have

I'm currently learning about RPM packaging for Fedora.

How do you intend to implement your proposal?

The branch metadata will contain a message which will notify the end-of-life message.

A rough time-line for your progress

  • Community Bonding Period:
    • April 23 - May 22 :
      • Understand the code by discussing with mentor.
      • Understand dependencies and methodologies, if any.
  • Coding period:
    • Work for 3-4 weeks on the project.
    • Document the work along the way.
    • Mid-term evaluation.
    • Work on remaining part of the project till the last month.
    • Last month:
      • Testing the code.
      • Bug fixes, if any.

Final deliverable

The final product will be delivered on time (in time if possible).

Any other details you feel we should consider

Things mentioned above say it all.