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A two-element sans-serif Polish typeface

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Iwona is a two-element sans-serif typeface. It was created as an alternative version of the Kurier typeface by Janusz Marian Nowacki. Kurier was designed for a diploma in typeface design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts by Małgorzata Budyta under the supervision of Roman Tomaszewski. The result was presented with other Polish typefaces at the ATypI conference in Warsaw in 1975.

Kurier was intended for linotype typesetting of newspapers and similar periodicals. The design goals included resistance to technological processes destructive to the letter shapes. As a result, amongst others, the typeface distinguishes itself through intra- and extra-letter white spaces as well as ink traps at cross-sections of some elements constituting the characters.

This distribution contains a significantly extended set of characters covering the following modern alphabets: latin (including Vietnamese), cyrillic and greek as well as a number of additional symbols (including mathematical symbols).

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Style Faces Scripts
Sans Serif Other R B I BI Other Latin Greek Cyrillic Other
Variable Monospace Variable Monospace
Plus condensed, light, medium and heavy variants


  1. The font is probably intended to be published under the usual GUST license (LPPL variant). This needs no be clarified upstream however (otherwise OFL or GPL + font exception would be good).
  2. This licensing would not require building from source, though it would be nice to get the sources published and use them to build the Fedora OTFs.
  3. Upstream unfortunately has a deplorable attitude on licensing (see page 5 of this interview, and page 8 of this presentation), not understanding that muddy licensing just makes everyone waste major amounts of time and energy. Upstream needs to be contacted and convinced to put a clear licensing statement in the font archives as a detached file, and optionally in the font metadata and on the font web page.
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