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Greg Swallow

Hi, I'm Greg. I'm new to Fedora and was interested to become a contributor since I heard about EnterpriseExtras, and I'd like to help out in that area soon. I am the elected Communications Manager of the SME Server Linux distribution, which is a open source server/gateway distribution built on the stable base of EL4 packages. I also work full time in a non-linux-related job, have a wife, baby on the way, and 3 cats. I live in BC, Canada.

Some information about SME Server, if you're curious:

Some packages that SME Server uses that aren't in Fedora yet include:

Some open-source projects I'm interested in and find useful are:

(Being added in Extras now - )

(probably not allowed in Extras, as it's a kernel module)

(Under review - )

(Not in Extras)

You can contact me here:
Email: [[MailTo(greg AT runlevel7 DOT ca)]