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Below are the instructions for handling bugs. The procedure has been written in hopes of keeping the reporter updated on the fix and make sure they know that we appreciate them filing the bug.


  1. When a ticket comes in it should be assigned to a handler within a week. This shows the reporter that we are paying attention and care that they reported.
  2. The ticket should be updated at least monthly if the problem cannot be solved immediately.
  3. When a fix has been created, attach the fix/patch to the bug.
  4. Note the bug number in the repo commit and in the revision history of the doc.
  5. Mark the bug On_QA which should notify the QA person that the fix needs to be verified.
  6. The person who does the QA should mark the ticket as VERIFIED.
  7. Offer the fix to the reporter and make sure they are happy/understand the fix. Mark the ticket as needing info from the reporter.
  8. Close the ticket after receiving feedback from the reporter. If no feedback is received close the ticket after 15 days.