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Blog / Planet Fedora

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(From Fab, retrieved from Google cache)

As many of you probably already know, I recently joined the Fedora Design Team and as such my Fedora-related posts are now distributed to Planet Fedora and the smaller Design Team Planet as well. For Fedora 13, I designed the website banner on the main page after Máirín Duffy kindly asked me to and for the next release I am concentrating on the supplemental wallpapers which we want to include. Let me tell you about that…

»Autumn Colors« by Joisey Showa (joiseyshowaa on Flickr)

Máirín has blogged about the wallpaper we are working on to include as a default, but we are also aiming to include a lot of additional wallpapers (much like upstream Gnome does) that people may use as an alternative. We are looking for photos or abstract graphics that lend themselves to being good wallpaper, ie. something not too distracting or busy — close-ups of grass and flowers, landscape vistas, abstract graphics like swirls and bubbles are all good examples but try to think out of the box as well. We are collecting submissions on this page until Thursday, August 19 (one day before my birthday, incidentally) after which the Design Team will vote on the submissions and decide what will be included. So if you have an idea for something you think would fit the bill, please head over to that page. We will need the following information for each submission:

  • URL of the image (ie. “where it’s at”)
  • Title of the work in question
  • Name of the author (their real name is preferable, but a nickname with a link to the profile on the page the image is from works as well)
  • Contact information for the author, email if possible
  • URL of the source page that the image was originally from
  • The license of the photo (has to be compatible with the Fedora requirements)

You can either go to the wiki page directly and add the photos yourself or you can use this handy script to upload them automatically (usage instructions). If you want, you can also email me submissions directly to email address goes here as long as you provide the above information and make it clear in the subject line that you are submitting wallpapers for Fedora. If you find a nice image and it isn’t released under an acceptable license, you might want to try to contacting the author to release it under a license that would make it possible for us to ship it. We can also ask the author ourselves if you want, just email me about it if that is the case.

»Oregano Orejón« by María Leandro (tatica on Flickr)

I think this is an awesome opportunity to get your own work or someone else’s that you enjoy into Fedora and at the same time improve things for everyone. Who doesn’t love gorgous wallpapers, after all? As I see it, this is one of the easiest ways ever to contribute to a F/OSS project and could still be very rewarding. I am looking forward to lots of great submissions so go ahead and knock the ball out of the park with your find!

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We need your submissions or suggestions for supplemental wallpaper in Fedora 14

Supplemental wallpapers are wallpapers that are made available to Fedora users but are not turned on by default.

  • Do you take a fancy to one of the other Fedora 14 default wallpaper concept submissions? Suggest it as a supplemental wallpaper!
  • Take an amazing abstract photo you think would make a great Fedora 14 background? Submit it!
  • See an awesome Fedora-friendly licensed piece of digital art and want it considered? Suggest it!

Fab’s gonna chime in later on with a blog post with more details on the supplemental wallpapers, so look for it – but no excuses! You can submit now! :)


Deviant Art

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The Fedora design team opened a call for submissions for wallpaper artwork to be included as supplemental wallpapers/backgrounds in Fedora 15. The wallpapers should be licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. Wallpapers submissions will be accepted until Monday, 7 March 2011 at 23:59 UTC.

For more information, please read this Wiki page. Máirín Duffy, the team leader of the Fedora design team, is known as ~pookstar on DA, if you want to contact her about this.

Links: F15 Artwork Supplemental Wallpapers Submissions Fedora Design Team Fedora Project website


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We want your Wallpaper submissions for Fedora 15! by ~pookstar Feb 15, 2011

Hi FOSS advocates! My name is Máirín Duffy and I'm from the Fedora design team. We're a community-oriented design team that creates artwork for Fedora under open licenses using free software tools.

We have opened up a call for submissions for photography to be included as supplemental wallpapers/backgrounds in Fedora itself. We are requesting the wallpapers be submitted under a CC-BY-SA license. More details and the wiki to submit your work to are here:

Thanks so much! We really look forward to seeing your submissions!

(from / Twitter

Hashtags to use: #fedora Grouptags to use: !fedoradesign

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mairin got some great photos you'd like to submit as supplemental wallpapers in Fedora 15? submit here!


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fabsh Blogged: Get your supplemental wallpaper submissions in for !Fedora 14 - the Design Team needs your help: !lo


Fedora Weekly News

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--- Fedora 14 Supplemental Wallpapers ---

With Fedora 13 almost out of the door, is the time to start planning the next release, so Máirín Duffy proposed[1] for this release cycle to take care about something that missed in Fedora 13 "We missed included supplemental wallpapers again in F13. I feel really badly about this. I think if we start looking for some early on as we also think about the default theme we'll be better on track to make sure we make it happen for F14" and Martin Sourada went further[2] with the planning "I've added key milestones [1] for it (without exact dates yet) and added a respective section to the main F14 Artwork wiki page and created a sub-page for the submissions."

1. 2.