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In order to help with the theme, you'll have to first set up a local copy of Drupal on your computer. Once you have a local copy of Drupal set up, you'll need to check out the current theme files. The repo is located at git://

You can checkout the theme anonymously using

git clone git://

Alternatively, people who are a part of the (FAS) group gitfedora-insight-theme can check out using the SSH method:

git clone ssh://

Once you have checked out the files for the theme, install the theme as follows:

  1. Copy the "fedora" folder within the checkout you just downloaded into the /usr/share/drupal6/themes folder in your local Drupal sandbox install.
  2. Log into your local Drupal sandbox instance as the site administrator.
  3. Go to Administration > Layout > Theme, then select the Fedora theme.

To contribute patches back, you can either email your patches to the logistics mailing list, or you can apply for the git group for the theme in the Fedora Account System to commit to the repository.

If you are fixing a Trac ticket with your patch, you should update that ticket and email the logistics list to let people know what you've worked on. This helps keep everyone informed, but it also lets the list know about your contribution to the team so you can be recognized appropriately for your assistance.