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Fcitx 5 is the successor of Fcitx 4. Fcitx 5 have many improvements compared to Fcitx 4, for example better Wayland support and the new addon-loader. And from 4 to 5, it isn't a routine update, they have different filesystem structure, different configuration methods and etc., migrating your data from 4 to 5 is not easy right now. So just take Fcitx 5 as a brand new IME.


Package Usage
fcitx5 Main Program
fcitx5-anthy Japanese IME based on anthy
fcitx5-autostart scripts used for autostart and environment
fcitx5-chewing Zhuyin IME
fcitx5-chinese-addons Chinese IME based on libime
fcitx5-configtool GUI configuration tools
fcitx5-gtk IM modules need by GTK programs
fcitx5-hangul hangul Korean IME
fcitx5-kkc kkc Japanese IME
fcitx5-libthai Thai IME
fcitx5-lua lua addons support
fcitx5-m17n IMEs based on m17n
fcitx5-migrator migration tool for migrating from fcitx4
fcitx5-mozc mozc Japanese input
fcitx5-qt QT support for other components of fcitx5
fcitx5-qt-module QT IM modules for fcitx5
fcitx5-rime rim Chinese IME
fcitx5-sayura Sinhala IME
fcitx5-skk skk Japanese IME
fcitx5-table-extra additional Chinese tables
fcitx5-table-other additional input table for various language
fcitx5-unikey Vietnamese IME
fcitx5-zhuyin Zhuyin IME
kcm-fcitx5 kcm configuration tools


Install main program and config tool, IM modules, and choose a language engine you like.



Package fcitx5-autostart provides needed scripts to autostart fcitx5 and setup environment for you.

And don't enable both im-settings and fcitx5-autostart, im-settings can fail to start fcitx5 and retry causing log spam.

Enable specific input method

This can be done with fcitx5-config-qt, which is included in fcitx5-configtool package, simply select a candidate and double-check on it. Or you could edit $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/fcitx5/profile by yourself.

Tips: if you are using Gnome, Gnome extension kimpanel is highly recommended.