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This page listing down planned activities during internationalization hackfest in flock 2019. Information about 2018 i18n hackfest available at link.



List of packages selected/decided for CI Hackfests.


  • Time Slot in Flock TBD
Time Topic Lead
15 Min CI Present State and Challenges Jens Petersen
30 Min Writing Test cases for selected packages All
30 Min Test Automation for selected packages All
30 Min Adding Automation in CI All
15 Min Concluding and Next Steps Pravin Satpute


  • Discussions on F31 and F32 change proposals/plans
    • Fedora 31 Change proposals
      • Langpacks-core
      • Noto variable fonts
      • gnome-software - auto installations for langpacks
      • IBus 1.5.21 (Still in planning)
    • Brainstorming - Fedora 32 onwards planning
      • CI for all i18n packages (continued from F31)
      • Rather than 100%, we can also thinks for packages/usecases from regression perspective
      • Language setting for LibreOffice
      • Noto unified meta font
      • Translations fallback?? zh.po??