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This page is intend to contain all information about the Fedora Cloud project that we're working on.
Note that any contents can change at any time

Xavier Lamien
Michael Mc Grath
Nigel Jones

Fedora Cloud

The Fedora Cloud (cloud computing) will be design to provides virtual machines in a well known place to FedoraProject's contributors from where they can do or work on developing stuff.

By doing production jobs/work, the contributor run the risk to lost any datas at any time

Technologies it will uses

  • Virtualization solution : KVM
  • Platform management : oVirt
  • Storage : ISCSI share
  • Volume Disk management : LVM2
  • OS provisioning : Cobbler


The nodes will be diskless 16G RAM, 2X Quad Core 1U x3550's. The storage nodes will be 2U boxes of a similar type.


For the initial rollout there will be two networks.
First network will be connected via an external IP pool space of about 80 IP's (No eta on this yet).

The second network will be a combined storage and management network. It'll be in private IP space (10.something). This is where the storage network will be as well as overall management. We only have one switch for the initial rollout, vlan will take care of the rest.

For future rollouts we may add an additional switch, use multipath, etc.

Using Fedora Cloud

Work in progress...

Other Tools

Temporary repo



  • fc10 (not yet) :: Ovirt repo can be use at this time.
  • fc11 (not yet) :: Ovirt repo should do the trick as well (tested).

Advanced Configuration

We'll stand here all work we're working for our infrastructure before move many of in a sub-SOP.
This is where we gonna track down how things are going.

oVIRT Server Setup
oVIRT nodes setup
oVIRT OS provisioning setup
oVIRT other works and improvments


There are no usage questions at this time.