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Fedora Hosting

Fedora is dedicated to open source software. This commitment can extend beyond regular Fedora offerings. Below are the current hosting options Fedora can potentially offer.

Fedora People

If you are a Fedora contributor you can log in and use This is good for small quick sharing and even git or other scm hosting, exceptions have been made to size requirements and some extended hosting has been offered. This is a benefit for being a Fedora Contributor, not a public service. If you contact a group saying "I want fedora people space, can I join this group" don't be surprised if you get ignored.

Fedora Hosted is our most feature rich hosting solution. It includes an scm, trac instance, release dir, account system for access control, etc. This is our most common hosting option. When most groups want hosting, this is what they want.

Primary Mirror

Our primary mirror system distributes all of our primary Fedora content. Space is tight and extremely expensive. You can ask for space here but to date, none have ever been approved with the exception of officially approved spins.

A new hosting platform for people to host alternate content. This content need not be Fedora related but does need to be OSS. People with write access to this mirror do need a cla.

Hosting for our secondary archs go here. If you think you qualify contact the secondary arch sig first.

Former releases of Fedora are found on our archives site and are provided for historical purposes.

For official Fedora releases only. Exceptions were made in the past, no longer. See

A re-branded torrent page for distributing spins via torrent. These spins may also be placed elsewhere. If you have a spin that needs to get approved see the Fedora Spins Sig page and get it approved.

Applications Hosting

There is an *INCREDIBLY* high barrier to get an application hosted and requires a high commitment from the requesting team. Think of application hosting as an ongoing partnership. If your team suddenly disappears, so will this app.

* All packages must be in Fedora if they are not custom written
* Security review
* Must be OSS
* Must not directly link to non OSS (like Google trends)
* Must have a monitoring interface
* Python is a plus (lots of in house expertise is all)
* Must be load balancable (exceptions not impossible)
* Fedora Account System integration

Request Resources

If you'd like something hosted submit a ticket at

With the following template:

Fedora Account System username:

Community or group association (if any): 

Hosting type: (select an option above)

Space requirements for the next 6 months:

Space requirements for the next 2 years:

Bandwidth Estimates (if known):

Why should Fedora host this project?

What benefits does it have directly for Fedora?

What benefits does it have directly for the greater Open Source universe?

Is this to be associated directly with a Fedora SIG or just something nice Fedora should do for another community?

What happens to your project if this request gets denied?

What to expect

Resources are finite and must be handled with care. Once the ticket above has been submitted, join and send an email to the fedora-infrastructure-list explaining the ticket is ready. These discussions should happen in public. The submitter IS accountable for all aspects of this process. Including keeping it going until a final yes or no has been given. If someone becomes difficult to get ahold of, the request will be removed without question.

Final say

The final say for whether something is or isn't can be appealed to the Fedora Project Board though for the most part it is up to the Infrastructure team.