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There has been a proposal to move Fedora-related mailing lists from Red Hat's mailing list server/domain to use the domain name and be hosted on Fedora hardware.

Issues to Discuss

  • How much disk space would archives take? (We have to back it up too...)
  • Do we have people to manage the lists?
  • We should probably have list sponsors so managament can remain local (and so infrastructure people aren't a needless middleman)
  • Existing Fedora lists are "owned" by Fedora contibutors that can handle routine administrative tasks.
  • jcollie, nirik, ixs and thias have volunteered to help with maintaining the mailing list server
  • Do we have hardware/cpu resources to process the volume of email?
  • We need to get some stats from Red Hat IS so we know just how much email we're talking about.
  • Dedicated hardware or Xen guest or customize the config of some other box?
  • What does this gain us?
  • Don't have to route mailing list administration through Red Hat IS
  • Fedora-specific policy as to mailing list naming & configuration
  • Marketing
  • domain
  • web pages could be customized to match rest of Fedora web pages

Note - the domain name can be handled with lists.fp.o A and MX records without moving the lists.