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The officers list is an attempt to bring more order and ownership to the Fedora Infrastructure. Anyone interested in joining the Infrastructure Team would be wise to get in touch with one of the officers in addition to following the steps outlined in the GettingStarted page.

The officers generally decide what needs to be done in the day to day operations of the various Fedora infrastructure facilities. The officers themselves work for the developers and end users but ultimately report to the Fedora Project Council. This basically means that we'll try to do whatever we can to fill needs and fix things but if we refuse for whatever reason, the final decision can be made by the Fedora Project Council. Such decisions, however, are rare.


In general the Fedora Infrastructure group is different from many of the other Fedora teams. Our existence, for the most part, is incidental. We exist for the sole purpose of providing facilities needed by the developers to create their works and to provide a distribution medium for those works. We also provide some of our own works to assist in this purpose, the voting system is a good example. Our current governance model is that of a meritocracy. Basically those that want to do work prove themselves by doing work. By investing time and effort to the Fedora project more access is given.

Unlike some other groups, all that's required to work on the Infrastructure is a Fedora Account and a signed FPCA. A number of tickets can be found in the Infrastructure instance: Fedora Infrastructure instance . See the GettingStarted for more information.

Infrastructure Lead

Kevin Fenzi - Project coordinator and general leadership. Provides general policies and guidelines for approval from the Fedora Infrastructure team. Since all of the Fedora community is voluntary work never really gets 'assigned' in the traditional sense.

A secondary function is to try to ensure separation of duties. Not even the Infrastructure Lead has access to everything. This is not completely possible but at the very least we can make sure not everyone has all the keys to all the cars.

Build System/Package Manager

Dennis Gilmore

Build system manager and package safety.

Maintain koji setup and builders for Fedora Collection and EPEL. Maintain mock configs and the buildsys-build and buildsys-macros packages that are used to implement the minimal buildroots and disttags.

Security Officer

Patrick Uiterwijk - In charge of coordinating security efforts for Fedora Infrastructure. Such efforts include:

  • Developing and enforcing procedures and policy for Fedora Infrastructure
  • Overseeing the deployment of new servers and services
  • Coordinating the development and deployment of tools to help secure, monitor, and sustain Fedora's infrastructure
  • Performing extensive audits of our network, systems, and web applications
  • Keeping our systems secure from potential attackers, and responding to incidents accordingly

Development Managers

Pierre-Yves Chibon Manages infrastructure related development.