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Project Sponsor

Name: Karsten Wade

Wiki Name: KarstenWade

Fedora Account Name: kwade

Group: DocsProject

Infrastructure Sponsor: MikeMcGrath

Secondary Contact info

Name: Paul W. Frields

Wiki Name: PaulWFrields

Fedora Account Name: pfrields

Group: DocsProject

Project Info

Project Name: Plone instance

Target Audience: Docs toolchain developers and, later, contributors

Expiration Date (required): June 1, 2007

Description/Summary: FDP Plone development site

Project plan (Detailed):

  • Docs toolchain developers use this instance to learn about Plone development and to hack on various pieces of a workflow system for Fedora documentation. For example, we require a way to shuttle documentation back and forth losslessly from an easy writing tool (e.g. Plone's Kupu editor) to DocBook XML content in an SCM. Any tagging information must be capable of being hidden from inadvertent mangling by novice users while still allowing them to contribute basic text content.
  • Includes possible building of Plone modules, is there a master SCM location we should be working/branching from? Presuming we want to package our modules.
  • Need to prototype, build, and test various solutions from this Plone instance to the real world Fedora SCM and account system.
  • We also need to review existing Plone workflow management and develop standards for their use or improvement in FDP processes.

Goals: 1. Complete diagram and documentation for using Plone workflow management for FDP publication processes. Additions or improvements to Plone workflow where needed to support this goal. 1. Plone module(s) that support novice writing and editing of documents, while allowing entry and retention of detailed DocBook XML tagging information, and storage within an arbitrary SCM. 1. Maintained technnical pathways between components in the Fedora content management systems.

Specific resources needed

  • Xen host with:
  • FC6
  • zope + plone
  • Web access via standard port 80
  • Shell access for specific FDP administrator personnel
  • One or more points-of-contact in Fedora Infrastructure who can provide details, access, and assistance with tying sandboxed Plone with real world Fedora systems.

Additional Info (Optional)