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Project Sponsor

Name: Karsten Wade

Wiki Name: KarstenWade

Fedora Account Name: kwade

Group: Fedora Documentation Project ( DocsProject )

Infrastructure Sponsor: MikeMcGrath

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Wiki Name:

Fedora Account Name:


Project Info

Project Name: (FRC) Retirement Party

Target Audience: All of Fedora, general community

Expiration Date (required): F7 launch


We need to migrate all content and enable redirects from specific locations to specific locations. The objective is to retire so that it is nothing but a bucket of redirects to the new locations on

Ongoing discussion at:

Project plan (Detailed):

TBD, currently:

1. Find some space 1. Create (CNAME) 1. Replicate the infrastructure that makes the f.rh.c/docs content work, either 1:1 copy or feature replacement, into docs.fp.o 1.Redirect pages from f.rh.c to specific locations in fp.o:

  • project pages => wiki/ProjectName
  • About => wiki/Communicate
  • other content => wiki/OtherContent
  • etc.
  • /mirrors =>
  • /docs =>
  • etc.

1. As each page is redirected, that part of f.rh.c is considered "turned off".

  • "Can we set something in robots.txt to expire the content?" (KarstenWade)


1. Retire old domain name 1. Make it possible for all seekers to find what they sought 1. Move documentation to new FQDN (

Specific resources needed

  • mod_rewrite rules for all pages
  • Copy/rewrite of f.rh.c PHP page creation technology to docs.fp.o
  • New CSS/design for docs.fp.o?

Additional Info (Optional)