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Project Sponsor

Name: Anand Capur

Wiki Name: anandcapur

Fedora Account Name: acapur

Group: Not sure what to put here - I'm an ambassador, in the cla_done group? I have created a new group for the Fedora Magazine called "magazine"

Infrastructure Sponsor: None

Secondary Contact info

No Secondary Contact Available...

Project Info

Project Name: Fedora Magazine

Target Audience: Fedora/Linux Community.

Expiration Date (required): 12/01/07 (We will see if the magazine actually gets published, I'm aiming for a release in August, so if we don't have anything by December, I guess we have failed and resources can be removed!)

Description/Summary: Hosting and Domain for Fedora Magazine

Project plan (Detailed): Fedora Magazine will be the official magazine for the Fedora Project. We need hosting and domain(s) to be successful. We will publish the magazine at least every 2 months. The bulk of the content will come from FWN, but we will have writers, interviews, etc... also.

Specific resources needed

Domain Registration

-- Domain - (required, will use for main site)
-- Domain - (2nd priority, will use for a repository of issues)
-- Domain - (2nd priority, will use for staff backend access)
-- Domain - of TLD's (us, info, etc..) to prevent from domain squatters. (Totally up to you to decide!)


-- 2gb of disk space - Will host main site and repository of magazines.
-- 20gb bandwidth/mo? I'm not too good at estimating bandwidth, but it would have to serve the site and the viewing/download of the magazine.
-- PHP support (4.3 + or 5.1+ (5.1+ preferred), i'm planning on running egroupware and maby an open-source CMS). Php compiled with GD, mysql extention, mbstring, session, imap, mcrypt, pear. Pear with Net_Socket, Auth_SASL, Net_IMAP, Net_Sieve, HTTP_WebDAV_Server, Log.
-- MySQL 5 - 4 is ok, but 5 is really preferred.
-- MailMan (For hosting a mailing list, or I could get a list
-- Some mail agent with IMAP/SMTP access for the domain.

Additional Info (Optional)

None, but i'll provide whatever you need!