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Project Sponsor

Name: Jeffrey C. Ollie

Wiki Name: JeffOllie

Fedora Account Name: jcollie

Group: Infrastructure

Infrastructure Sponsor: MikeMcGrath

Secondary Contact info


Wiki Name:

Fedora Account Name:


Project Info

Project Name: GIT Package VCS

Target Audience: Fedora Contributors

Expiration Date (required): F9T1 (Spring 2008)

Description/Summary: Testbed for converting package repository from CVS to GIT.

Project plan (Detailed):

See my notes on using GIT as package VCS .


Specific resources needed

  • Xen Guest
  • 30-50GB disk space
  • public ip address with TCP ports 22 (ssh), 80 (http) & 9418 (git) open from outside

Additional Info (Optional)