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Project Sponsor

Name: Ville-Pekka Vainio

Wiki Name: VillePekkaVainio

Fedora Account Name: vpv

Group: Fedora Documentation Project

Infrastructure Sponsor: PauloSantos (paulobanon)

Secondary Contact info

Name: Karsten Wade

Wiki Name: KarstenWade

Fedora Account Name: kwade

Group: Fedora Documentation Project

Project Info

Project Name: Extend MoinMoin with man and info page publication and editing capabilities

Target Audience: At this point DocsProject members and Fedora developers

Expiration Date (required): August 31 2007

Description/Summary: The basic idea is to import man and info pages from different releases to a Moin wiki, making them comparable by improving Moin's diff tool and eventually making them editable. More details in my Project page .

Project plan (Detailed): Phase 1, man/info publication should be completed by July 8, July 15 at the latest. I would like to have a publicly accessible wiki instance to test the code and show the community what I'm working on.

After that I'll be working on phase 2, editing. I'd like to be able to test the new features I'll be adding. The second phase should be complete by August 17.


  • Testing the code in the Fedora infrastructure where in will hopefully eventually be running on
  • Gaining community feedback
  • Allowing the DocsProject members and my sponsoring organization ( to see the status and results of my work

Specific resources needed

  • A possibility of running my Mercurial branch of Moin 1.7 (see
  • Shell access for hg usage and Moin administration
  • A standalone Moin instance publicly accessible on some arbitrary port should be enough, but if you prefer Moin running under Apache and CGI/FCGI, that's fine too
  • The usual Python stuff (2.4 vs. 2.5 shouldn't matter) that is available in Fedora repositories, especially python-4Suite-XML

Additional Info (Optional)

  • The man page importing via XML-RPC and the rendering of DocBook pages (when not in cache) on Moin seems to be pretty CPU intensive, at least on this point of development
  • It won't matter to me if there are other project running on the same host/Xen instance as long as they won't be disturbed by occasional heavy CPU usage