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Project Sponsor

Name: Jonathan Steffan

Wiki Name: JonathanSteffan

Fedora Account Name: jsteffan

Group: Extras, Infratructure, Unity

Infrastructure Sponsor:

Secondary Contact info

Name: Fedora Unity (server-team at

Wiki Name: BobJensen

Fedora Account Name: N/A

Group: Unity, Docs

Project Info

Project Name: Plone

Target Audience: Community

Expiration Date (required): ?

Description/Summary: Setup a test plone instance to attach to the Fedora Accounts System v2. Build a workflow and backend for the formal Fedora Docs Project. Share documentation resources with projects such as the Fedora Unity Project.

Project plan (Detailed): a) Get the plone ldap bits packaged b) Attach to the test Fedora Directory Server c) Work with misc. teams to make Plone the main page for d) Work with the formal Docs team to get a proper document workflow going e) Work with misc. teams to implament a svn/cvs backend for DocBook format storage between systems


a) Get plone in use for the formal fedora project b) Expand the uses of the new Accounts System

Specific resources needed

Test server. In the end, production server with python 2.4.x support.

Additional Info (Optional)

More to come.