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Project Sponsor

Name: Max Spevack

Wiki Name: MaxSpevack

Fedora Account Name: mspevack

Group: CommunityArchitecture

Infrastructure Sponsor: ???

Secondary Contact info

Name: Jack Aboutboul

Wiki Name: JackAboutboul

Fedora Account Name: ???

Group: CommunityArchitecture

Project Info

Project Name:

Target Audience: college students interested in becoming part of fedora

Expiration Date (required): 2008-12-31


Fedora is engaging on a multi-university tour with two main purposes in mind. The first is to interact with faculties across the US who are either already teaching or beginnign to teach OSS curriculums in their computer science departments. The second is to find the next generation of superstar Fedora contributors, both as volunteers and as interns.

Project plan (Detailed):

All details are being worked out here for now.

Specific resources needed

A wordpress instance at that we can customize as needed, and update with information, daily reports, a press FAQ, etc. Basically we just want to put up a simple website for the tour.

Admin access needed for MaxSpevack and JackAboutboul.