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Project Sponsor


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Group: Infrastructure

Infrastructure Sponsor: Toshio Kuratomi

Secondary Contact info

Name: Toshio Kuratomi

Wiki Name: ToshioKuratomi

Fedora Account Name: toshio

Group: Infrastructure

Project Info

Project Name: Voting Application

Target Audience: Anyone involved with developing or promoting Fedora

Expiration Date (required):

Description/Summary: The Fedora Project needs to have a voting application for people to vote for Board and Steering Committee members and on referendum (like the codename for the Fedora Release.)

Project plan (Detailed): See ["Infrastructure/VotingApp2"]

Goals: See ["Infrastructure/VotingApp2"]

Specific resources needed

  • Account on publictest machine for running the TG voting app.
  • A URL ( exposed by the proxy boxes to the TurboGears instance.
  • Once development is over, space on one of the app servers to run the application and a database on db2 to hold the election data.

Additional Info (Optional)