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Project Sponsor

Name: Robert Frank

Wiki Name: RobertFrank

Fedora Account Name: rfrank


Infrastructure Sponsor: Toshio Kuratomi (toshio)

Secondary Contact info

Name: Arjun Roy

Wiki Name: ArjunRoy

Fedora Account Name: arjunroy


Project Info

Project Name: Wevisor

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to make a custom fedora distribution from the internet

Expiration Date (required): 2008 Feb

Description/Summary: This project is a web frontend to the Revisor utility, which allows anyone to easily create a custom fedora disk with selected packages, and other kickstart options with a nice GUI.

Project plan (Detailed): The overall plan is to make it easy for people to create custom fedora ISOs from the web. This may eventually include a place where people can share their ideas and take other people's ideas and merge them to make their own custom builds.


  • Make a very nice package selection tool for the web (DONE)
  • Have a good kickstart building web GUI (almost done, just raid to fix)
  • Setup a web interface to a build system, so that they can take the kickstart files and get an ISO from it (started interface)
  • Create a public showcase area where you can download other people's custom ISO's (started in page showcase)
  • Add in the option to take and join parts from other people's custom fedora builds and create your own
  • Add in a rating feature to the public showcase
  • Integrate Fedora Account System with the public showcase and all login system

Specific resources needed

  • Hosting for a turboGears app
  • A publically accessible URL
  • pykickstart
  • The initial database will be in sqlite

Additional Info (Optional)