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Project Sponsor

Name: Greg DeKoenigsberg

Wiki Name: GregDeKoenigsberg

Fedora Account Name: gregdek

Group: ??

Infrastructure Sponsor: dgilmore

Secondary Contact info

Name: Chris Blizzard

Wiki Name: ChristopherBlizzard

Fedora Account Name: ??

Group: ??

Project Info

Project Name: XOActivityServer

Target Audience: OLPC developers

Expiration Date (required): 7/01/2007


We'll need a clearinghouse of XO activities. The mozilla project already has a codebase that does very similar stuff called "Remora". We want to have a box to play with Remora.

Project plan (Detailed):

  • Install Remora.
  • Play with Remora to simulate "XO Activities" instead of "Mozilla addons".
  • ???
  • Profit! (Or kill it if it seems to be unsuitable.)


To assess the fitness of the Remora codebase for the XO Activity Server.

Specific resources needed

All of the resources required are listed here:

The big requirement is PHP4, which makes my own Fedora box unsuitable for this purpose.

Also, I probably need shell and sudo on this box, since I'm going to be screwing with a lot of stuff.

Additional Info (Optional)