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Basic work flow for the Ticketing system

This document provides quick tutorial of how agents should use the ticketing system.


Agent = Admin

Customer = End User (usually someone thats created the ticket)

Admin Interface =

Customer Interface =

Agent Preferences

At present an email gets sent to for most queues when a new email gets created. Agents are encouraged to watch specific queues they would like to help out with. For example, agents interested in helping out with the Version Control System and the Build System should select those queues under the preferences section of the Admin Interface.

Handling a Ticket

New ticket

When a new ticket gets created an email gets sent to whoever is watching that ticket and to the customer who requested the ticket.

Lock the Ticket

When an agent is ready to work on the ticket that agent should lock the ticket by selecting the "lock" link at the top of the ticket. At that point in time the ticket will only show up in "locked tickets" for that agent. This will prevent multiple people from accidentally working on the same issue. If someone has decided to stop working on a ticket but has not resolved the ticket, that agent can assign it to a different agent using the "owner" link or can simply unlock the ticket by selecting the "unlock" link.

Email Correspondence

When sending an email to the customer who created the ticket please select "empty answer" from the bottom right side of the ticket. Note: you must be in "zoom" mode for the ticket to send an email response.

Replies from the customer

Replies from the customer either via email or via the web interface will generate an email which gets sent to the people watching that queue or to whoever has it locked.

Resolving the ticket

The best way to resolve the ticket is to use the same email response used under Email Correspondence. To send your final "This is fixed now" email just select the "empty response" in zoom mode and type your message. Before submitting, select the drop down box next to "Next Ticket State" and change it to closed successfully. This will close the ticket when the email gets sent.

Note: This is different then just selecting the "close" link at the top of the ticket. The close button will create an internal note which can only be seen by other admins and won't be seen by the customer.


Here's a couple of behaviors that may not be immediately obvious when working with OTRS:

  • Internal Notes: Internal Notes are only used when making a note on the ticket for another admin. The customers will not see them.
  • Email Responses: Sending an email response to a customer from a ticket that is unlocked will automatically lock the ticket.
  • View all tickets: The main page will only show tickets in "My Queues" which are the queues you're watching.
  • Locked vs unlocked: Locked tickets will show up in an agents "Locked ticket" area. Unlocked tickets will show up in the "My Queues" area for queues that an agent is watching. This is mutually exclusive.