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The phx2 site has 2 racks dedicated to QA and community machines/instances. These machines share some of the main infrastructure resources, and have their own in some cases. This page describes the network and machine setup, the places where they share with infrastructure and the places where they do not.

Shared resources

  • DHCP services: This is located on the noc01 machine.
  • Infrastructure yum repos: This is located on the lockbox01 machine.
  • DNS is controlled with all the other infrastructure domains. This network uses the subnet.
  • FAS is used on some of the machines in the network, pulling from fas* machines.

Separate resources

  • Configuration management is via lockbox-comm01 and a bcfg2 server (not yet deployed).


  • virthost-comm01 - a kvm virt host
  • bastion-comm01 - An externally reachable bastion host.
  • autoqa01 - production autoqa instance.
  • autoqa-stg01 - a staging autoqa instance.
  • lockbox-comm01 - a bcfg configuration server.
  • qa01 - qa08 - 8 qa machines.