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Jan Jauer

Hi, I'm an Application Developer from Germany.

When Fedora Core 3 was released I tried it.All in all I sticked to it, because I like this distribution very much and it seems to be perfect for me.

So I decided, that I want to give something back to the community, which helped me to get a better understanding about Linux an its possibilities.


  • Email:
  • IRC: none yet, but soon!
  • GPG key: 0x74D2CD07
  • GPG fingerprint: 1FF6 A24E 2E48 DBE1 2A1A 3836 1C16 ED54 74D2 CD07
  • Fedora Account: jayjay

Activities within Fedora

I want to help Fedora in translating software into german.

Because I learned how important and helpful a good documentation is, I would like to help translating this too.

By the way

Keep greening!