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PKI Applet Compatibility

This page collects OpenJDK compatibility status with different web services that utilize PKI solutions for user transactions.

Known countries who's residents have PKI cards and thus can take part to testing are: Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, and Portugal.

Technology Introduction

Estonian Quirks

Compatibility Matrix

Service Compatibility Status with OpenJDK-1.6.0
Country Service Card Status Applets Notes
Estonia Business Registry ee, fi Fails with ee-card,

SignApplet_sig.jar, iaikPkcs11Wrapper_sig.jar

Browser status row says: "Start: applet not initialized."
Estonia Digital Document portal ee
Estonia Goverment portal ee
Estonia Hansapank (bank) ee partial idcard.js,

SignApplet_sig.jar, iaikPkcs11Wrapper_sig.jar

Succeeds with first attempt, next attempt fails to pop up the Java dialog in own window where the PIN2 is fed. Requires browser restart to recover.
Estonia Nordea (bank) ee Fails, XMLSignApplet.jar, iaikPkcs11Wrapper.jar, XMLSignApplet.class

Says: "Error activating PKCS#11 Driver!.
Estonia SEB (bank) ee

User Comments

Hansapank: first ever successfull payment signature. Tried to repeat it without success.