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The Fedora Localization Project - Assamese Translators Team

This page is for putting information about the Fedora Assamese localisation efforts.

I am Amitakhya Phukan , and I am maintaining this page. Presently I am working as a Language Maintainer for Assamese at Red Hat. The Fedora Assamese localization status can be obtained from here .

Apart from this, I plan to put up more resources to help you to gain knowledge about the Assamese language.

Assamese Wikipedia and should give you a brief idea about the language, culture of the Assamese people and a brief history of the development of the language. We are also involved in developing an online Assamese dictionary at .

For translating Fedora/GNOME, I basically consult the Jyoti Dwibhashik Abhidhan, but it is not available online. There are efforts to put an online version of the Hemkosha, the first Assamese dictionary, but it is under development.

Fedora Core 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and higher give full technical support to rendering the Assamese Language. Installing Fedora Core 6 with Assamese support enabled should give you all necessary packages with which you can write in Assamese. Please keep a check this page in future where I will put more information.

By default, the following packages are needed for enabling Assamese Support in a Fedora Core 6/ RHEL 5 system.

Fonts : Assamese fonts rpm package

Input Methods : Phonetic, ITrans, Inscript

Scim Packages : scim , scim-libs , scim-m17n and scim-qtimm

With these packages installed in your Fedora Core 6 or RHEL 5 systems, you can write in Assamese. Display of Assamese characters are also possible in Firefox, but not from all the websites. We are working on solving the issues.

With a prior version of Fedora release, you will need to point your repositories to the present Fedora Core 6 repository or to its development repository. After that a yum -y groupinstall assamese-support from the terminal as root should solve your problem regarding Assamese typing/rendering.

At present, the following bugs have been filed for solving the Assamese related issues. You will probably need to login to view/add a bug. Presently, I am working to correct the Assamese locale definition file.

I am looking for contributors who are willing to work for localization related work. So if there is anyone who want to contribute to localization efforts please feel free to contact me at :