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Fedora Events: Linuxwochen Wien 2014, Vienna, Austria

The Linuxwochen Wien are an Event with a broad Scope at Users, Beginners, Developers, Administrators, Companies, and Government. It features Talks, Presentations and Workshops, and a trade-show as well.

When and Where

  • 08.-10. May 2014
  • Event timing has been cleared, gates are opening at 9 AM.
  • The event place is:

FH Technikum Wien Hoechstaedtplatz 5 1200 Wien

  • Vienna
  • Location in OpenStreetmap
  • It is confirmed that it's very expensive and difficult to park down in the inner town of Vienna, from 8-22 h there is a so called "short time parking zone" with fees. We could have some slots possibly for free at hotel/event side.
  • the event will be held this year in the new constracted building google maps

Booth Personal

Name from till comment
Sirko Kemter (gnokii) 7th 11th event owner
Peter Czanik 8th 10th
Gergely Rákosi 9th 10th
Levente Kurusa 9th 10th


What we will get/will have:

  • Space
  • 2 meter table (longer available, or we get one more)
  • 2 chairs (if we need more we could have it)
  • Wireless or better wired Internet Access
  • electricity
  • Fully equipped talk rooms (Micro-port, projector, and so on)
  • Catering: Not included, but there is available to purchase anything in shop - water, and the more important coffee :)
  • demo devices to play with? like laptops ...

Available event Swag/Tools/Equipment

  • Table cloth, rollup banner (gnokii)



Speaker Topic Status
Your name Your talk Checkmark.png=accepted, Warning.png=rejected
Peter Czanik Babel fish for DevOps: syslog-ng Checkmark.png
Gergely Rákosi Rise of the Fedora Desktop: Gaming Checkmark.png
Levente Kurusa Linux Kernel - Let's contribute Checkmark.png
Sirko Kemter Fedora A-Z Talk Checkmark.png
Sirko Kemter Digitale Dunkelkammer - darktable Checkmark.png
Sirko Kemter Inkscape - Needles & Pins Checkmark.png
Sirko Kemter Blender On The Rocks Checkmark.png


We will have an apartment, [1] is requested

  • LinuxWochen Official logo [2]