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Fedora Mktg Overall community health is good. Meeting Red Hat's goals.


What are RHT's goals Leverage the community for Fedora marketing, PR, talking

Quick checks Health
in having this community? points, etc. to simply the FPL's job and amplify key messages.

Overall health of this column *
Home page

Source code

Is the community productive? Yes
Developer resources Fedora_Project_Wiki

Are newbies able to integrate? Yes

Size of the active community? Small

Last 12 months fedora-marketing-list analysis

Are customers/partners involved? No

Is the community happy? Yes
Total emails 1967 Recent threads
Is it easy to join the community? Yes
Red Hat + JBoss % 42.76% Fedora 12 video
Any volunteers in leadership roles? Gradually

Fedora's twitter account
Any potential hires who stand out? Haven't started looking yet.
Top voices Affiliation Self-introductions
Are the mailing lists active? Yes
Rahul Sundaram Red Hat Fedora handbook
Is there an active IRC channel? Yes
Paul Frields Red Hat Fedora 12 press clippings
Is the community reporting bugs? N/A
Jack Aboutboul Red Hat Fedora Electronics Lab
Is there a public wiki? Yes
Mel Chua Red Hat Fedora's Wikipedia entry
Is there a public roadmap? Yes
Ian Weller High school student One-page release notes .pdf
Does the community meet f2f? Yes
Max Spevack Red Hat Fedora classroom
Is the code easy to install? N/A
Steven Moix Engineer in Switzerland Fedora marketing meetings
Is the community hitting deadlines? Mostly
Nicu Buculei Artist in Romania F12 feature profiles

Mairin Duffy Red Hat Fedora Insight sprint results
* Anything in yellow or red is described in
Robyn Bergeron Market Research Consultant

greater detail in the appendix.
Jef Spaleta University of Alaska

Kara Schiltz Red Hat

Clint Savage Ambassador lead for NA

Recent events Date
Chitlesh Goorah Fedora Electronics Lab

John Poelstra Red Hat

FUDCon Toronto 12/05/09
Susmit Shannigrahi Ambassador in India

Fedora 12 11/17/09
Larry Cafiero Ambassador in California

Francesco Ugolini FAMSCO Chair

Jonathan Roberts Student in the UK