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Introducing Marspet Vardanyan

Introducing myself

About me

  • Name: Marspet Vardanyan
  • Fedora Account: hyeclass
  • Lives in: Belgium - Bilzen (Western-Europe)
  • studies at: KTA1 HASSELT
  • My studies:
    • informatics last year.
  • hobbies
    • webdesign, .net programming, linux

my relation to Fedora

  • since I first discovered linux I've been looking for the perfect distro, I used to use ubuntu, but it didn't really suit me. i've tested many more linux distro's that when i realised that fedora is the one for me.
  • I try to contribute to the Fedora Project by spreading the word about Fedora to young people who aren't familiar with Fedora or even with Linux at all.
  • My main goal is to migrate as many as possible organizations (mostly non-profits)from MS-enviroments to Fedora or Linux in general.

I participate in the following Fedora's projects:


You can contact me by email in Dutch (Nederlands) and English:

  • Email: [[MailTo(bugz DOT inc DOT AT gmail DOT com)]