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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2008-07-01

Roll Call

Attendees: Paul Frields, Bill Nottingham, Spot Callaway, Matt Domsch, Jef Spaleta, Seth Vidal, John Poelstra, Jesse Keating

Regrets: Karsten Wade, Chris Tyler, Harald Hoyer

IRC Meeting

  • Happening on July 8, 2008
  • IRC channels and ops are permanently set up
  • TODOs:
    1. Confirm moderator
    2. Paul to add new board members to the access control list

Board Elections

  • Background:
    • Recent discussion on fedora-advisory-board-list
    • Should we consider term limits
    • Are there ways to remove the distinction some folks see between those that work at Red Hat and those that do not?
  • Response:
    • Community vote is an open process
    • Number of FAS accounts does not necessarily reflect number of contributors
    • How should low turn out be interpreted?
      1. People didn't know?
      2. People are happy with how things are and do not see a need to change them?
      3. Other possibilities include appathy or difficulties with the process
    • Could we do an analysis of voter turnout based on FAS group?
      1. Groups where total membership is less than 10 people, exclude group from analysis
      2. Interested in identifying groups where we might be seen as irrelevant and can do a better job of engaging.
      3. Whatever we do will be published
    • Could community members qualifying to vote be reminded via email?
    1. reminding them to vote at the beginning
    2. send a reminder at the end to people who have not voted
    • Term limits are a good idea. Let the community help craft what they think the right policy should be on list.
  1. file ticket with infrastructure requesting a mail delivery mechanism added to FAS
  2. circulate ideas and foster discussion on list about term limits and guidelines around them
    • OWNER: Seth Vidal
    • set a time limit for feedback
    • return feedback to the board for discussion on: 2008-08-05

Guarding Privacy

  • During the discussion around evaluating voter turnout it was noted that a mechanism was created in the past to plot CVS commits by geo and represent them on a map.
  • Because our privacy policy prohibits use of that data in this regard, even if we are not directly using FAS data in generating this map, we should avoid activity that has the appearance of violating our privacy policy.
  • OWNER: Jef Spaleta
  • ACTION: Discontinue generating this map or do whatever is required to deactivate this map.

Trademark Guidelines

  • Board would like to help guide the process of expanding the use of the Fedora trademark
  • Helpful to brainstorm by thinking of Fedora trademark usage in four ways:
  1. Things the board wants Fedora to be able to do with the trademark
  2. Things the board wants the Fedora community to be able to freely do with trademark
  3. Things the board wants other people to reasonably be expected to be able to do, but ask the Fedora Board first
  4. Things that the board never wants people to use the Fedora trademark for
  • OWNER: Paul Frields
    1. circulate ideas and foster discussion on list
    2. return feedback to the board for discussion on: 2008-08-05

Anticipated Absences

  • July 22, 2008: Jesse, Spot, Matt
  • July 29, 2008: Jef