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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2008-12-16

Roll Call

  • Attendees: John Poelstra, Paul Frields, Karsten Wade, Seth Vidal, Chris Tyler, Jesse Keating, Bill Nottingham, Harald Hoyer, Spot Callaway, Jef Spaleta
  • Regrets: Matt Domsch

Trademark Usage Request

  • Request for trademark usage received by the board from a private individual to sell t-shirts and share some of the proceeds with Fedora
  • The board generally favors granting trademark approval to established community groups who are already working closely with the Fedora Project
  • DECISION: The board denies this request
    • Paul to respond to requester

Secondary Architecture Update

  • provided by way of FESCo
  • s390--fully working Fedora 9 tree
    • 2 kojis going (32bit and 64bit)
  • sparc--almost done with a Fedora 9 tree and then will focus on Fedora 10
    • building on koji
  • arm--last built Feodra 8 and starting process of building Fedora 10
    • not building with koji
  • ia64 no status--there does not appear to be a currently active community
  • inter-connect component for koji to connect other koji instances is being worked on by Dennis Gilmore
    • delivery date of FUDCon Fedora 11 (2009-01-09)

Improving Quality of Updates

  • Status from Jesse on working group he is leading
  • Seth, Bill and Jesse going over mashing process for rawhide and updates composes
    • Trying to optimize as much as possible the push process so that once QA is added the time to release is not too long
  • Talk about QA at FUDCon--Jesse leading barcamp and hackfest session
  • Work is ongoing

Fedora 11 Naming

  • List of names has been submitted to Red Hat Legal
  • Hope to have list back from legal by January 2, 2009

FUDCon F11 Audio Feed

  • Committed equipment so far
    • three camcorders
    • 8 channel mixer
    • two or three microphones
  • Still need more microphones
  • Clint Savage has volunteered use of icecast streaming service
  • Will Attempt to record six tracks simultaneously
  • Choosing to stream audio only this time to limit bandwidth and make sure it is successful

Schedule For Next Meetings

  • 2008-12-23--No Meeting
  • 2008-12-30--No Meeting
  • 2009-01-06 IRC meeting