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Roll Call

  • Board Members: Harald Hoyer, Dimitris Glezos, Chris Tyler, Chris Aillon, Paul W. Frields
  • Regrets: Tom 'spot' Callaway, Matt Domsch, Bill Nottingham, Jesse Keating, Seth Vidal
  • Secretary: N/A

Spent a couple minutes at the top of the meeting on Fedora 11 release 'Yeehaa!!'s.

What is Fedora

Status of sponsorship work

Fedora 11 Release Follow-up

Security notification plan

PPC as a secondary arch

  • Use of the existing ppc builders for a secondary arch effort
  • last discussion: Meeting:Board_meeting_2009-06-04#t04_Jun_13:39
    • Does this create a chicken/egg problem? How does PPC proceed if we don't use these hardware pieces?
    • It doesn't seem like there's any point in not providing them
    • Need more information from Board members who have intimate knowledge of the hardware and/or other priorities the current call-in group doesn't know about
  • ACTION: Paul to ask on list for input from missing Board members

Postponed / Future Business


  • establishing a list for moderators to record what they're doing
  • assignment of actual moderators
  • announcement on FAB about those names

Security notification plan

  • Review and discuss plan as it exists now in CSI docs

Seating of next Board

  • Establish first meeting date, and set meeting day/time with new members.

Next Meeting

  • Date: 2009-06-18
  • Time: 1700 UTC