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jsmith #startmeeting Fedora Board IRC Meeting 18:00
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jsmith #meetingname Fedora Board 18:00
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jsmith #topic Open Q&A with Fedora Board members 18:01
* jds2001 here 18:01
jsmith I guess we ought to do roll call, for the record 18:01
* ctyler waves 18:01
jsmith Board members who are here, please make yourselves known 18:01
* jsmith is here 18:01
* ctyler waves again 18:01
* jds2001 waves frantically 18:02
jsmith OK, I see smooge and rdieter lurking... 18:02
smooge here 18:02
smooge sorry 18:02
jsmith No worries 18:02
rdieter yo 18:02
jsmith As a reminder, we'll use our typical protocol as listed at Board_public_IRC_meetings 18:03
jsmith Board members are encouraged to jump right in and speak 18:03
jsmith And with that... let's go ahead and jump into Q&A 18:03
jsmith rdieter: Thanks for your post to the advisory board list about the CWG 18:04
rdieter figured we didnt have enough flames or bikeshedding lately. :) 18:04
jsmith My bike shed is still white, and still needs a door before winter time rolls around :-) 18:04
jds2001 the bike shed shall be red! 18:05
rdieter peuce 18:05
jsmith Ah, we have mdomsch here as well :-) 18:05
mdomsch late as always 18:05
jsmith No worries 18:05
jsmith Slow week -- no questions so far 18:06
jsmith While we're waiting for questions, I'll let everybody know that I won't be around for Monday's meeting 18:06
* jsmith will be on a plane 18:06
jsmith (again) 18:06
jds2001 oh, can you give someone the mod code then? :) 18:06
jds2001 we all sat around like idiots last monday :) 18:07
jsmith Sorry :-( 18:07
rdieter 2 things to throw out as ideas to talk about: 1. f15 name, where are we? 2. (plug) User:Rdieter/Draft_Fedora_Community_Working_Group 18:07
jsmith As for the name, we're very clearly behind schedule on that (totally my fault) 18:07
* rdieter whips jsmith with wet noodle 18:07
jsmith Name_suggestions_for_Fedora_15 18:08
jsmith The schedule is there as well -- we're accepting name nominations until the end of the day (UTC) on Tuesday the 19th. 18:08
jsmith So not much more time to get your names in 18:08
rdieter ok, gotcha. get the word out. 18:10
jsmith Exactly :-) 18:10
* jds2001 votes for bacon! :D 18:10
jsmith I posted to the announce list, but nobody ever reads those announcements 18:10
jds2001 it has ~10000 subscribers :) 18:10
jds2001 10131 to be exact :) 18:11
jsmith Nice... 18:12
jsmith The other thing we need to get the word out about is the elections cycle 18:12
jds2001 so is paul still going to take care of that? 18:12
rdieter that too, fun. 18:12
jsmith I'll post a proposed schedule here shortly -- did anybody talk to Paul Mellors about being the wrangler? 18:12
jsmith (It wasn't clear from our meeting on the 4th who was going to contact him) 18:12
* rdieter forgets who was tasked with that, hopes not him. 18:12
mdomsch I didn't. 18:12
jsmith Any volunteers? 18:13
* jds2001 was tasked with talking to inode0 who told me that Paul Mellors was it. 18:13
* jds2001 assumed that we didn't need to confirm with him, but we sure need to coordinate 18:13
* jds2001 will reach out 18:13
jsmith I think it would be good to reach out to Paul, make sure he's still OK with being the wrangler, and coordinate a schedule 18:14
inode0 ! 18:14
rdieter jds2001: thanks 18:14
jsmith inode0: Go ahead! 18:14
* jsmith would like to open nominations for Board seats on the 25th (more or less) 18:15
inode0 From all appearances and one report Paul is no longer active in Fedora, so I'd suggest just putting out a call for help to the community 18:15
jds2001 ouch. 18:15
jsmith inode0: OK, that's good to know. 18:15
* jsmith calls up the community and asks for help 18:16
* jds2001 hears this loud voice from the sky asking for help with Fedora elections 18:16
jsmith I'll blog about it, and send something to announce list 18:17
* jds2001 can put something together, but it might not be timely. I'm at CPOSC this weekend... 18:17
inode0 if someone just sets a schedule we can ask for help with town halls and questionnaires 18:17
jds2001 oh, if jsmith can then great :) 18:17
jsmith inode0: I have a rough draft of a schedule... would you like to comment on it now? 18:18
inode0 armed with specific tasks and deadlines makes it easier to commit 18:18
jsmith Step 1) Announce elections (now) 18:18
jsmith Step 2) Accept nominations and questions (10/23? 10/25?) 18:18
inode0 sure, we normally post a rough draft to f-a-b for comments before setting it in stone 18:19
rdieter time passes so quickly, it's shocking how quickly our little fedora is growing up 18:19
jsmith Step 3) Close questions and have candidates start answering questions (10/31) 18:19
jsmith Step 4) Answers due from candidates (11/4) 18:20
jsmith Step 5) Town Hall (11/10 through 11/17) 18:20
jsmith Step 5) Vote (11/17-11/23) 18:20
* jsmith has two step 5s :-( 18:20
jsmith Anyhoo, that's the rough schedule 18:21
jsmith I'll post it to advisory-board 18:21
jsmith but if people want to make comments now, that's fine as well 18:21
inode0 ok, looking at it on a calendar helps me 18:21
jsmith Note that this is an even-numbered release, so we have two elected board seats up for grabs 18:21
inode0 and half of fesco and all of famsco - so it is a big election 18:22
jsmith inode0: Yeah, it is. 18:25
jsmith Welcome spot_ ... 18:26
jds2001 welcome mizmo 18:27
inode0 given past turnout at town halls I do think we should consider possibly trying to only schedule one per election, maybe for 90 minutes instead of two 18:27
jds2001 how do we do that in a world-friendly manner? 18:28
ctyler l o n g m i n u t e s 18:28
inode0 you do it in a way the people running can attend 18:28
ctyler and the rest can read the transcript 18:29
* jds2001 still thinks that may be difficult - sya you have someone from the west coast and india running 18:30
* jsmith prefers two meetings at different times, but is willing to defer to the person running the town hall meetings 18:30
inode0 it is difficult, I've done it and know it is difficult 18:30
inode0 doing it at two different times is about 4 times as difficult as doing it once 18:31
jsmith Yes, it is. 18:31
jsmith OK, makes sense... I just want to try to be as inclusive as possible 18:31
jsmith The entire world doesn't run on Eastern Daylight Time (or anything close to that) 18:31
inode0 and often one or two candidates aren't available for both 18:31
inode0 and that isn't really fair to them 18:31
jsmith Yeah... that's true as well. 18:32
inode0 sure, whoever does it can decide - I'm just offering my impression of the town halls over the past couple of years 18:32
inode0 it is a lot of work for both organizers and candidates - 20 people show up and most of those same people show up at both 18:33
jsmith We certainly appreciate your insight... I've never done it before, so I'm obviously less informed about how things have worked in the past 18:33
jsmith I've shown up to a couple of Town Halls as an observer, that's all 18:34
inode0 if it helps to know, we almost never have any trouble at all getting volunteers to moderate town halls 18:36
inode0 that is pretty easy to do 18:36
inode0 getting someone to handle the questionnaire bit is harder 18:36
inode0 well, and scheduling the town halls is hard too - running them is easy 18:39
jds2001 well, i think scheduling needs to be done after the candidates are known 18:40
jds2001 that way time zones of the candidates can be taken into account 18:41
* ctyler is loving with TZs turned on 18:41
inode0 correct, scheduling has to wait for candidates 18:41
inode0 whenisgood always gets loud complaints too fwiw 18:42
inode0 which isn't much until someone finds something better :) 18:42
jds2001 do these same people own PS3's? 18:42
* inode0 does not know 18:43
* jds2001 just finds it slightly hypocritical is all :) 18:43
* inode0 seems to recall most of those coming from fesco :) 18:45
* jds2001 doesn't recall complaining during his tenure in fesco :) 18:46
jds2001 anyhow, that's neither here nor there 18:47
jsmith OK folks... twelve minutes until the top of the hour 18:48
jsmith Any questions/comments on other topics? 18:48
* nirik has issues with the interface, but that has nothing to do with it being free/nonfree. ;) 18:48
jds2001 bacon is good. 18:49
* jsmith likes bacon, but understands that others have a religious/cultural dislike for it 18:49
inode0 I'm happy to help whoever volunteers to get their bearings 18:49
jds2001 cool, thanks inode0! 18:50
jsmith Awesome... thanks inode0 18:50
jsmith If there aren't any other questions, I move that we end the meeting a few minutes early 18:54
jsmith #topic Last call for questions... 18:54
jsmith Going once... 18:55
jsmith Going twice... 18:56
jsmith Sold to the fat-headed extra-terrestrial on the third row with the bright purple jacket and the glowing eyes! 18:56
jsmith Thanks everyone! 18:57
jsmith #endmeeting 18:57

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