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Roll Call


Jared Smith
David Nalley
Jaroslav Reznik (secretary)
Toshio Kuratomi
Rex Dieter
Joerg Simon



Jon Stanley


  • Updates
  • Q&A


  • FUDCon Panama was a great success -- not only did people show up to learn and to grow, but they showed up to work as well
  • FUDCon EMEA will be in Milan, Italy from September 30th through October 2nd )
  • FUDCon APAC 2011 is currently open for bids (November/December)
    • we'll be opening bidding for FUDCon APAC 2012 soon as intention is to have APAC earlier in the year
  • FUDCon NA hotel contracts will be finished up in June
  • FUDCon North America will be in Blacksburg, Virginia on the campus of Virginia Tech in January of 2012


Fedora usability testing

  • dcr226 reported, he and mharris were doing some testing with Fedora 15 for a total newbie, I've also done a fair amount in and around my peers. I guess its just food for though and data
    • Fedora is sooo close to being usable by AverageJoe, just a few tiny adjustments to the process. Perhaps promoting "mind broadening" to some of the guys working on anaconda and the live.isos - the process of finding, downloading and installing Fedora
  • should be reported directly to Anaconda and websites team (or design team)

Fedora 15 retrospective

  • an open Fedora 15 retrospective page at where people can give feedback Fedora_15_Retrospective
    • jsmith to schedule meeting for next week to go over the retrospective
  • the issue with incorrect recommended installation space in release notes should be reported there too, not to forget

How to join documentation team

  • DrManhattan asked, how to help documentation team
    • ke4qqq answered with wiki page
    • jsmith recommended joining mailing list or IRC and offered help with tools etc.
  • this led to broader discussion on mentoring and spread and recruit topics
    • see full log

China Ambassadors mentors

  • Haowei complained that only a few Chinese ambassador mentors are active
    • this is to be discussed on FAMSCo meeting

IRC protocol

  • gholms asked how to cancel ! and ? requests
    • "cancel !" worked very well
  • be bold and update wiki with IRC protocol