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  • Secretary: Rudi Landmann
  • Meeting type: Phone



  • Toshio Kuratomi
  • Rex Dieter
  • David Nalley
  • Rudi Landmann
  • Jaroslav Reznik
  • Jon Stanley (late)
  • Tom Callaway (invited guest)

Not present

  • Guillermo Gómez
  • Peter Robinson
  • Joerg Simon


  • Jared Smith (headed to FUDcon Pune)


  • Updates
  • Board business


Trademark approval was granted to the Scientific spin and Robotics spin (118, 119)

Board business

  • We will close four tickets where we haven't heard from the requesters for over a year. ke4qqq updated each ticket to give requesters one more week to respond: 73, 74, 75, 77/85 (85 contains current action for 77)
  • We're going to try to transcribe Q & A to (toshio will take on this role for now) to see if this is useful or not. After a few meetings we'll re-evaluate to see if we want to continue or not. (80)
  • jstanley to look at using Fedora's limesurvey account for an annual user survey (84)
  • ke4qqq to move old board blog content to wiki (92)
  • the board declined to dictate what images should ship in the generic logos package (115)

Issues already resolved

  • web redesign is complete (61)
  • guidelines already in place for security tools with high potential for misuse -- spot (86)
  • oVirt node spin request retracted (111)

Issues identified for further consideration or investigation

  • Is anything specific still needed for anthropology report? (question for jsmith) (79)
  • How specific should the language of the vision statement be? Some folks will likely read it as binding, whether that's intended or not (83)

Other Notes

  • Next Board meeting will be a public IRC meeting on Tuesday, November 8th at 16:00 UTC