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  • David Nalley
  • Nick Bebout


  • Peter Robinson
  • John Rose
  • Christoph Wickert
  • Jaroslav Reznik
  • Toshio Kuratomi
  • Garrett Holmstrom


  • Eric Christensen
  • Robyn Bergeron

Today's lucky secretary: Toshio Kuratomi



  • Announcements
    • F18 slipped another week. New target is 2012-11-06 for Beta, 2012-12-11 for GA
    • FUDCon Paris
      • cwickert and probinson reports: Very successful
      • keynote filled with information and vision for future of fedora
      • First day that was cohosted with openworld was more focused on people who hadn't heard of Fedora yet than on enabling current contributors to do work
      • Monday Hackfest very productive -- people working even on Monday evening (last day)
      • Discussed many budget items
      • xfce work was worked on
    • elections -- scheduling is getting harder due to the release slipping
      • Release is pushing up against the Christmas/New Years holidays.
      • That probably pushes the Board election to after the holidays -- if we keep slipping it starts to get us close to FUDCon
      • Could move the townhalls, nominations, etc to before the release and leave elections to after
        • Worry that would be pulling people who are working on release off to "campaign"
      • Also worry about fairness of some people having longer terms due to period between some releases being longer
      • Neither Board or FESCo have seemed to have difficulties with dates as long as they're not putting off the elections for a long period
      • inode0 to touch base with Ankur (Election Wrangler) and Jaroslav to figure out a proposed schedule
  • Fedora 19 proposed names review

Open Floor

Are we losing users?

  • F15 took a large hit and we haven't recovered
    • Listing of the technology changes that went into F15: gnome3, systemd
    • Also F14 was the last release before RHEL6 was released.
  • Have we really lost users? (The statistics seem accurate at what they're measuring)
  • Seeing large amount of enthusiasm at conferences which is a contrasting view to this
  • Next: Public IRC meeting 2012-10-24