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Today's lucky secretary: John Rose



  • Final Change Deadline on 2012-12-11, GA is still planned for 2013-01-08
  • Cobbler's funding drive was successful.

CWG Nominee Status

  • The CWG has now been formed and will begin working toward its goals.

Ticket #151 - Election email not widespread

  • Suggestion that official announcements go to the main announce list and be posted on the election page on the wiki. If those controlling other mailing lists want to ensure that the announcements reach those lists they should consider subscribing them to the main announce list. People involved in promoting elections will continue to strive for broad coverage on mailing lists, social media, etc.

Secure Boot Update

  • General information about progress in this effort.

Spins Approval

  • Clarify the description of the Board's involvement in spin "approval" on the spin's wiki page.

Next Board Meeting: IRC, 2012-12-19