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Fedora CommOps Team Meeting Minutes 2016-06-14

Meeting Time


This week's CommOps Meeting will be led by decause.

  • The participants will be posted after the meeting.

Meeting Protocol

  • To help improve the flow of the meeting, using the IRC Meeting Protocol is encouraged, as modeled by the EMEA Ambassadors.
  • Please follow the Meeting Protocol where possible.


CommOpsers, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  • #startmeeting Fedora CommOps (2016-06-14)
  • #meetingname commops
  • #nick commops
  • #chair <given to approved members of FAS group at meeting>

  • #topic Roll Call / Q&A
    • #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
    • If this is your first time at a CommOps meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.

  • #topic Announcements
    • #info === Last week: Fedora 24 no-go, delayed to June 21 ===
    • #info === Events coming soon: Red Hat Summit, Flock ===
    • #info === "Fedora Council Meeting 2016-06-13: Report on CommOps " ===
      • #link
      • #info Yesterday at the Fedora Council meeting, decause gave a report on the status, work, and accomplishments of the CommOps sub-project. Thanks to everyone who helped pull together information and the presentation yesterday! decause++ bee2502++ skamath++ meskarune++ commops++ It's worth a watch if you haven't checked it out already.

  • #topic Tickets
    • #link
    • #info === Ticket #10 ===
      • #info "CommOps vFAD 2016"
      • #link
      • #link
      • In the ticket, there is a summary of the changes made to the wiki page for the vFAD, mostly focusing on our purposes for a vFAD, the impact we'd like to have by organizing this, and the objectives we would wish to accomplish. A vote was put out last week, and as according to our voting policy, the ticket "passed". The next steps should be trying to pick out a date for when we could organize our vFAD and reach the most people. Also deciding how long we want to run our vFAD?
    • #info === Tickets #34, 49, 69 ===
      • #info #39: "[Onboarding Series] [MASTER TICKET] Creating sub-project on-boarding badge series"
      • #info #49: "[Onboarding Series] CommOps!"
      • #info #69: "Fedora Modularity onboarding"
      • #link
      • #link
      • #link
      • #info CommOps Team Onboarding Steps > Badges Team Missing Badges > Hubs Team Badges Tracks and Widgets
      • skamath filed a ticket for the CommOps on-boarding badge series on the Badges Team Trac. In the ticket, we have the basic criteria, some name ideas, a badge description, discussion on how to automate the badge, and some initial artwork concept ideas.
      • Best place to start for now... how do we want to handle automation of this badge? Should it be dependent on whether a user already has certain badges? Questions to ask: Is this an expensive operation? Will we be able to hit everything we need?
      • Alternatively, would it be better to make sponsorship in the FAS group the best way to automate this? This will ensure a human is verifying the person has performed the needed responsibilities and tasks to become "bootstrapped" in CommOps. The FAS group memberships have to be manually approved already, so this is a factor to consider too.
      • #link
    • #info === Ticket #71 ===
      • #info "Centralizing Ambassadors / Events resources and utilities"
      • #link
      • Based on feedback given by the Design Team, there are already efforts and repositories in place to bring together Design resources. However, the Design Team has a strong preference for having Ambassadors or others request assets or design work for the printing press in the Design Team Trac to ensure that guidelines are met and the Fedora brand is well-represented. The suggestion I had was better communicating this process to the Ambassadors. Take a minute to review the ticket and let us know what your thoughts are.
      • #link

  • #topic Open Floor

Meeting summary and action items

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