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Fedora CommOps Team Meeting Minutes 2017-04-04

Meeting Time


This week's CommOps Meeting will be led by jflory7.

  • The participants will be posted after the meeting.

Meeting Protocol

  • To help improve the flow of the meeting, using the IRC Meeting Protocol is encouraged, as modeled by the EMEA Ambassadors.
  • Please follow the Meeting Protocol where possible.


CommOpsers, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  • #startmeeting Fedora CommOps (2017-04-04)
  • #meetingname commops
  • #nick commops
  • #chair <given to approved members of FAS group at meeting>

  • #topic Roll Call / Q&A
    • #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
    • #action commops New members, make sure you introduce yourself on the CommOps mailing list [ ]
    • If this is your first time at a CommOps meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.

  • #topic Announcements
    • #info === Fedora 26 Alpha releases today ===
    • #info === "Fedora at SCaLE 15x (2017) Event Report – Pasadena, California" ===
      • #link
      • #info The event report from SCaLE 15x, which has feedback from booth attendees about Fedora. Mentioned was lack of awareness of Raspberry Pi + Fedora (better coverage in a release? making it its own lab?). Additionally, a lot of people were surprised about GNOME Boxes for virtualization and were excited by. A gap to fill?

  • #topic Action items from last meeting

  • #topic Open Floor

Meeting summary and action items

Full meeting log

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