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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul

University tour (Jack)

  • Will Cohen is 3 weeks into his OSS class at NCSU. This is being developed in the open and is a potential model for other universities.
  • Courseware licensed under CC-SA-NC doesn't mean corporations can't *use* it, it just means that it must be non-commerical in its use (ie: can't resell it).
  • NYU unhappy because we failed to follow up on a previous conversation with them, but they are still receptive.

FUDCon wrapup and budget stuff (Max)

  • Remaining FUDCon expenses should be filed under the "old" Fedora cost center.
  • non-RH folks who attended and still need reimbursements will get them from Jack.
  • In the new fiscal year (starting March 1), Max will track all expenditures of the Community Architecture team, and be responsible for hounding Jack and Greg for their expenses.


  • Tom Callaway is attending. Yaakov Nemoy will attend. We are shipping an OLPC out to them. Max has already sent a bunch of CDs. That is the limit of our participation this time, due to the transitions going on in Fedora leadership and the budget calendar. LinuxTag will be the first major event that we focus on in Europe this year.

This week


  • Creative Commons payment schedule.
  • gather survey results from FUDCon for RH management.
  • start looking into localized spins in Europe.
  • chat with MairinDuffy about new artwork for shirts, etc.


  • meeting with NC Science and Math academy.
  • connect Jack with the work that Will Cohen is doing.
  • continue work on Fedora TV, esp. infrastructure.
  • start working on paper for Charleston.
  • chat with Shay/Leigh about turnkey global swag, eventually reporting back to Store SIG.


  • get expense reports filed and reimburse interns for FUDCon.
  • Feb/Mar University tour calendar.
  • what will the presentation look like?
  • what are our press goals?
  • can we get people to donate swag?
  • how do we follow up on interest/leads that we generate?

Next meeting

  • FISL